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West Coast

Hey, me again. Yeah… i got another story to share with you guys. It was a friday nite and i had been invited to a friend’s bbq birthday party at west coast park. Well, it started at 7 and went all the way till midnite. I decided to leave at 10:30 cos i had encountered somethin eerie.

I was playing volleyball with a group of friends at the sand pitch above the beach. One of my friends hit the ball so hard that it flew into the sea. It was floating on the water. My friends decided to get it back, but i stayed at the corner of the sand pitch to watch.

I saw what i thought was the volleyball so i shouted to my friends to go over to retrieve it. But when they picked up the ball, it was actually a skull!!! It let out a high pitched scream and it seemed that we were the only ones who could hear it cos the other people were continuing to do what they were doing witout looking at us. My friends immdiately threw the skull into the sea and it sank with steam coming out.

Later on, we discovered that the volleyball had not actually dropped into the sea, but that one of my friends took the ball with him back to the bbq pit to get a drink., Funny thing was, he said he was at the pit when the incident happened around 9 pm. We thought it was a lie, but around 10 other ppl saw him at the pit too.

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