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East Coast Chalet

Okay, this incident is when i was about 13 years old. My family decided to go on a chalet at east coast beach. As my cousins and me were very naughty, we went for a swim at the beach. My aunties and uncles didn’t let us go but we insisted.

We headed back to the chalet at about 11pm at night. We took a good bath and went to sleep. We had our own room as we booked for 2 chalet.

Suddenly, at about 4am to 5am in the morning, one of my cousins shouted from the other room. We didn’t bother him that time as we thought that he had a nightmare. But the shouting continued and continued until my mother was upset. She went to the next room and asked my cousin what had happen. And you know what?! He said that there’s a woman without a head. And the head, she was carrying it.

My cousin told me too that the ghost told him to hold her head. That’s why he shouted. We asked him to sleep with us in our room. And the next day, we went home. So, be careful of east coast chalets. I think the ghost had followed my cousin back to the chalet from the beach.

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