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It happened last Saturday (21.7.2001) night at Woodland Drive 14. There was these two teenage boys who had just end their “Saturday Night Fever”! As they were walking to their block from the bus-stop, they heard footsteps behind them. Boy A, looked back and get a shock of his life, he tapped his friend arm and make a run like hell. Boy B was puzzled but not for long because that “beauty” was infront of him! He didn’t know what to do but run as fast as he could.

Unfortunately, this ‘beauty’ followed him. Boy B did not run to his house which was just a few steps away but he was running towards the next street which was further up. He stop at a block where he felt quite safe and called his father. He couldn’t explained, he just cried and said he was afraid. He told his father where he was.

In a few minutes time his father arrived and saw him shivering and crying with his eyes shut. His father asked him why was he closing his eyes and asked him to look at him. Boy B just couldn’t get rid of this ‘beauty’ because she was still there infront of him. But his father did not see this ‘beauty’ nor any other ghosts. Boy B was shivering uncontrollably and closed his eyes through his journey home.

I heard that he had a high fever after that encounter with the ‘beauty’. So friends, try not to be home so late, okay.

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