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East Coast Bayshore Underpass

It all happened during one night at east coast park, my friends and i were fishing at bedok jetty. It was ok during the early parts of the night.

After fishing for about a few hours (it was about 3am), we decided to go back to my place as all of us are tired. We decided to take the underpass leading to bayshore condo as it was nearer to my place.

As we rode our bicycles, at quite a fast speed because we wanted to get to my place soon. As we were approaching the underpass, i felt someone tapping on my right shoulder, i turned around and saw no one, most of my frenz were quite far away from me and it is not possible for them to tap my shoulder(even if they were near me it is still not possible for them to tap my shoulder because we were riding at quite a fast speed and u know if bicycles come too near it would be unstable). At that time i did not do anything and we quickly rode back to my place.

As we reached, i ask both of my frenz did they tap on my shoulder and both of them replied “no”. What do u think? Better be safe than sorry Take caution when taking the underpass leading to bayshore(East Coast Park) at night.

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