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Fishing At Pulau Ubin

Hi! I have an interesting story that I think is rather scary. This story was passed to me by my hubby, Khalid. He had so many ghost experience so I decided to tell one of them to you.

This ‘thing’ happened while he was at Pulau Ubin two years ago. Along with two of his friends, Sudin & Ramlan they went fishing. They reached Ubin at 11 p.m. They took half an hour to walk to the NPCC camp. Soon after they reached the destination. They started to pitch a tent and then unpacked their things. After unpacking, my hubby start to fish while two of his friends start a campfire. While they were enjoying the night, suddenly a splash of water fell on Sudin’s right hand. He quickly told them that it was going to rain. So they ignored it. It happened again the second time. This time they was sure that it was not the rain but weird experience. So they try to play safe and be wary of the surroundings. Each of them try to be calm and cool.

Suddenly, there was a loud scream. When they turn around to see, what stands in front of them was a lady floating beneath the huge tree. They could’nt believe their eyes! She was wearing red dress(some sort of) and flying thru’ the air, screaming continously. They wanted to run but it was morning and the route back home is rather eerie. So they decided to stay but hang around each other closely. The ‘thing’ soon fly away and never came back. They was lucky that the ‘thing’ did’nt come close or disturb them. They swear that they will never go Ubin fishing at night again…

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