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I was walking home alone after my tuition lesson which ended at 9.30pm. But then, i went to easpoint first so it was around 11.30 when i reached my block. I was walking slowly, taking my time to enjoy the cool night breeze while humming the tune to “one in a million” by bosson.

Anyway, i heard the leaves rustling and i, being the kaypoh type, turned to look. I saw nothing so thinking it was the birds, i just walked on. I was walking beside the kindergaten school windows and looked at the reflection to check my hair(i’m a vainpot too). Behind me, i spotted a white thingy. Mind you, it was directly behind me. I felt like screaming my lungs out but i just remained cool and walked briskly.

Then i heard it. “Why are you walking so fast? Wait for me leh” someone/something said to me. I couldn’t take it so i ran. When i reached my home, my dad was staring at me with this weird look. He mumbled something and i was too shaken up to hear what he said. So, i went to my room.

The next day, i asked my dad what he said. But he said he was working the night shift! So who was the “dad” i saw?

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