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NYP Tutorial Room -P 612

Well, i’m just an ordinary student studying in nyp. This story that i’m about to share with u all is just one of a few experience i had in school!!

Its near the semestral exam and as usual i’m doing the last minute catch up work alone in school. I was in blk P612 studying alone when my handphone rang and scared the hell out of me!! RELAX-is just my friends telling me that they wanted to join i told them the room i was in.

While waiting for them, a mischevious thought creep into my mind..Why not scared the hell out of them since mostly were gals and since it is around 10++pm nobody will be around school!! I quickly ran to p611 and hide switching of all the lights in both room and waited….

While i was about to squat in a corner and hide…i heard the door open to 612..I felt weird. They were fast!!! Anyway i just carried on my plan and quietly slip to the room..I heard some girlish sound inside but can’t make it out what they were saying..Just when i was about to open the door, my friends called me from behind…I nearly pee-ed in my pants…How can that be?? I waited for them and opened the door..Guess what?!! The room looks like there were 10++ ppl just came out and all the chairs and table were out of place…But no one was inside except me just now!! This thing still remains to be a mystery till now!!!

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