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Bodies On Trees

Basically its not of a story to tell but an information that i would like to share to you guys.

According to my sister who went to Malaysia for an NPCC trip at Taman Negara(pahang)last year, they actually visited the orang asli who actually lived in the jungle as squatters as they make shift their homes once their food supply has run out. Their houses were basically made of atap roof and a mat with 4 wooden poles to suppport the roofs. Usually hikers would drop by and pay them a visit by offering them food like biscuits or clothes. The scary thought was that..its a tradition for them that when one of the family members died, they would use a rope to hang the bodies up in the trees. The family members would climb up one of the highest trees and hang the body. After it was done, the tribe would move to other area of the jungle leaving the place as it was forbidden to stay there.

Can you imagine what it was like when u walk past the trees and you noticed a body hanging at the top branch of the tree? Everyone would believe that the tree would be haunted. No wonder the tribesman is forbidden to settle to that area again.

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