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The White Ghost

This incident happened to a friend of mine. He lived in Tampines. One morning, at about 3 am, he went to East Coast Park to “hang out” with his friends. While he and his friend were walking along the sea side, he suddenly saw someone a few metres away.

He thought it was another person. When he was near that person, he was horrified to see that he was wrapped in white cloth. It had no face or limbs, just plain white. He got a fright of his life and screamed.The figure vanished in a flash.

The both of them, ran back to where his other friends were and told them what had happened. They left immediately thinking that the ghost would come back.

Back home, he related the story to his mother. She told him that the ghost he had seen was a malay ghost. When a malay dies, the body is wrapped in white cloth before being buried. Legend says that if anyone were to encounter one of these spirit and capture it, in return the spirit will grant you a wish or the spirit is a sign or warning that you did something wrong…

At once he knew that he had done a bad thing. He had been smoking and drinking even though he was under age. From that day onwards, he did not there touch a cigeratte or alchohol.

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