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East Coast

This was encountered by my friends when they were at east coast park. I think it was about the seventh month ( the chinese belief that the ghosts were let out). We were having a bbq there and my 3 friends wanted to go to Macs to get some ice cream. I think our pit was about 500 m away from the Macs. So they left about 9.30pm.

From what i heard, my friends reached Macs there and bought the ice creams. Then they proceeded to walk back. On the way, they saw white figures on the path beside them, they were too busy gossiping and also they did’nt believe in the existence of ghosts so they did’nt think much of it. But they spent at least 1 hr walking but still could not find the bbq and they kept seeing white figures. By then, they were really freaked out so they called us at the bbq. One of the guys went out and found them walking around in circles.

Later on, we heard that this was not the first time something like this happened. It is said to be that the ghosts blinded the eyes of the people so they could not see their path and walked around in circles.

And oh yah, we did take a foto that nite at the park. And in the foto beside the 3 of my friends was a faint white figure with a hanging noose beside….

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