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Spirit of the Coin

This happened 2 years ago when i was schooling at one of the Government school. I never really believed in spirits of the coin. But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it at ALL.

One afternoon, our teacher brought us to the library. Instead of reading books, a group of my girlfiends decided to play the ‘Spirit of the Coin’. They asked me to play but i turned them down. I would never want to get into any troubled!

After the game, I asked my friends to accompany me to the ladies. I advised them not to play such eerie games anymore. While we were on the way back to the library, one of our classmates broke the news that Yati was being possessed! We were stunned on the spot! We ran as fast as we could and found out that she was already in the Teacher’s room. Some of my classmates was scolded by our form teacher. She was then being send to the nearest hospital.

Finally, 3 hours past…She was back to normal. She said that the one that was in her ‘body’ was an old man whose committed suicide 30 years ago. We had goosebumps all over our body!! Since then, I really, really believe that this stuff did EXISTS in this modern world!!

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