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Old Tampines Rd

OK guys…my story goes like this. On saturday night after i send my girlfriend home in Ang Mo Kio, i decided to take a short cut back which i have to pass Hougang and then to Old Tampines Road. It was damn cold after a rain that night. I was riding my bike in a slow speed cause the road was quite wet.

When i ‘siok’ singing my favourite song, you knoe lah just to make myself happy a bit, suddenly, i saw a lady wearing a kebaya sitting on the bus stop. I was thinking of myself there is no house around and somemore what this lady doing in the bus stop alone during this hour. It makes me feel more ‘kanchong’ cause there is no bus after 2 am in the morning! Walau weii!! I look at her face and there is no eyes, no nose and no mouth at all!! I almost langgar a contruction cone on my right and i luckily act fast. If not ah..i’m sure ended up in hospital.

I speed up and my speed exceed 120kmph..and i don’t think about my own safety. When i reach a junction at Tampines Avenue 10 and it was red. I don’t care and langgar the red light.

When i reach home, i quickly take shower, do a prayer and sleep. So guys, if you drive or ride at night, make sure you don’t make a shortcut home..nevermind the long route…or may you be lucky see this kebaya lady waiting for you at the bus stop at OLD TAMPINES ROAD!!!!

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