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For the past two years…I have been reading up on witchcraft and the likes. If you are an avid fan of Russell Lee’s books…you will surely know of one article about witchcraft. According to the book, witchcraft is BAD and I mean REALLY BAD. But what I have found out during these two years…is totally different. Some say witchcraft is good…some bad. What I’d like to stress here is that there is no such thing as black magick(I put a ‘k’ here to differenciate between stage magic and ‘real’ magick) nor white magick. It is neither. But to me…i think its best if those witch wannabes out there to NOT indulge in witchcraft as it has some rather unsuspecting res

For your info, witchcraft isn’t about casting spells on people to make them like you or even put on curses, it is a religion…and you ARE going to have to face reality that it isn’t all fun and games. I’ve traced back the whole history…and what I’ve found really is disturbing…they worship another words…SATAN.

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