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Pulau Ubin

Well i’ve been in Npcc for the coming 7 years as i join as a cadet inspector in 1998. We were on a camp sometime early this year…annual sec 3 camp…I arrive there quite late as i have lessons in the morning hence reach changi jetty late at about 8.20pm. We had to wait for almost an hour before we caught a board to the island..Cut the story short.

That night, i am in charge of the first sentry duty..the first group came down and report to me and they begin their sentry. Suddenly when they return, 1 malay boy was perspiring hard..and his groupmate shouted saying “He saw something mdm, he saw something. And it was very chaotic.”

I pulled him aside and asked him if his ok..and he said ‘ya’..he just felt a presence…after drinking some water. It’s all back to normal and they continue for their next round.

The next day was a busy day as they had to prepare a lot of stuff for their campfire…That nite a few other CI’s and me decide to bath in the wee hours of morning after campfire and debrief. Then while waiting for them, i decided to go outside and wait…The cold was very unusual and i felt a presence from the shaking palm tree..being a scaredy cat, i quickly rush into the toilet back into the safety of the crowd…

And forget to tell another is sad that the most haunted place in camp is the flagpole and the green house…and lots of japanese soldiers were killed there during the war. We were telling one another ghost stories bout the green house that suddenly all of us decioded that we should move to the log house as we felt “different”

That night, i were sleeping in my sleeping bag as it was very cold…Then i feel as if there is someone is looking down at me…thinking it ‘s one of the CI, i open my sleeping bag and look out…but i find nobody…Then i know something is wrong..That presence came back but i just kept quiet hiding in my sleeping bag.

Then suddenly, there is a dog howling very loudly by the gate…It sound so scarryyy….An officer quickly chase it away. Then, it came back the second time…back after it was chase never come back.

During the camp there, many other officers experience the presence…Now i am thinking twice whether i should go for the June 13th camp….Ooohhhh

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