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Headless Pontianak

This story begins at my house. Once, there used to be a malay grave before the housing estate was built. It was a Friday night. A night when the malays believe that demons or ghost wander around in search of prey.

I was with my sibling in the house. There were only the two of us. (My parents were away in a stupid vacation!) We were sleeping when it was around 2 a.m. Suddenly were heard a loud tapping and scratching as if someone was forcing to pry the locked window open. My younger sister woke me up and pointed at the window. She said in a low voice,” Sis there is a headless woman dressed in white”. The ghost was holding a head which I think belongs to her. It was so scary. I hold on to my sister tightly and prayed hard so that the ghost (pontianak) would go away. But, however, the ghost said in a low trembling voice,”I need your help. Please help me. I want to find my child. Please help me!”. I closed my eyes tightly. My sister started to cry.

Suddenly a hand shook my body. I was so scared that I shouted. The next thing that I knew is that I was surrounded by my parents. I told them about what had happened. They didn’t believe it as first but when I show them the scratch they finally believe it. It was a really unbelievable when suddenly my mother change into a dog and bite me. My father change into a cat and scatch me. So i run away and now i am still in my room.

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