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Hai Sing Catholic High

I had this fren who was at a camp in sch. A group of them (6 of them ) were walking from the new block to the old block. When they reached the old block at the hall there, 1 of them heard somebody saying in chinese, “What are you all doing here ?!!!!!” She turned around, and asked, “Did anybody say anything? ” Nobody DID. Nobody heard anything. Nobody said anything. She told them what she heard and she even added dat the voice was not human’s voice. It was a computerized kinda voice.

There was this ncc camp. All were sleeping in the hall. 1 guy woke up 1 night and saw the lights in the gallery. He went up to check. There was light in the store room at the back of the gallery. He went up and guess what he saw.? He saw a nurse cutting up a body. He ran all the way……….

This happened this year, 2001. During the sec 1 orientation camp. It was reported that at night, when they were sleeping, the girls in the hall xperienced something. 1 by 1 would wake up and start scratching themself as if they were possessed. This was witnesses by 1 of our student leaders and a teacher. When the teacher ran down 4 help and was back, everyhitng was normal once again.

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