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Strange Ghostly Encounter

It happened about 8 years ago, but i can still remember it very well because it can said to be my first encounter with ghosts. It all started in the middle of the night when i wanted to pee and at that time i was sharing my room with my uncle, so i walked out sleeply and qiuetly so as not to awake my uncle.

The moment i stepped out of my room, and about to walk to the toilet, 4 white translucent human beings flowed towards me. I was shocked and all i know was to avoid them fast and i was really going to pee out. I then headed towards my parents’room toilet and i relieved myself, but as i was relieving and thinking of my ghostly encounter, i heard tapping of shoes below me. I took a look down and guess what, i saw one pair of red shoes tapping by itself. I nearly went mad and my mind blured, i rushed out of the toilet and hide in my blanket until the next morning.

I told my mother and grandma about it but they insisted that i was dreaming, but all i knew was that i really saw it.

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