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One Meter Away!

I am a Christian and I do believe in the supernatural. I believe in God and I know that there is evil (the devil). One thing that I don’t believe is in ghost. It may sound strange but it’s true . I believe that what people have encountered, as “ghost” is nothing more then evil spirits or demons taking on a form. Now that I have got that cleared, here goes my story… I have a few encounters with demon spirits before, and I could take up the whole website if I should tell them all, but I will tell you guys one of it. It happened sometime in 1993, I like adventures and one Saturday afternoon I went to a certain reservoir in the northern part of Singapore (not the one that starts with ‘M’ but the other one).

I planned for a good hike inside the jungle and I went there alone. After almost an hour of trashing through the depths of the jungle, I was hot and tired so I sat down to rest for a moment. And that’s when it happened… As I sat there on a huge fallen log, I heard footsteps. At first I thought it was an animal, a dog perhaps. It did not take me long to realize that it sounded more like human footsteps. It could have been another hiker you might say, but the only problem was that I was in the thick jungle and the path that I took was the only possible way to get there. I was alert and was ready for anyone or for that matter anything that would cross my path. (As a Christian, we believe that we don’t have to be afraid of evil spirit because when Jesus died on the cross and rose again, He defeated the devil once and for all and we just have to stand on that victory). I just waited and true enough the footsteps were getting louder and nearer. It was coming towards my direction. It came closer and closer and soon it just about ten meters from where I was sitting. I heard the footsteps rustling through a two-meter high bush but I saw no one. It came even closer and soon it was just about a meter aw! ay! I could see the grass before me being trample as something was walking on it, but I could not see any figure. I stood up at once and boy, I was mad, “How dare you come to disturb me!” I said and I starting to pray and rebuke that evil spirit that was in fornt of me. It did not hang around for a conversion, it simply took off. I knew that the power of Jesus Christ is no match for any filthy demon spirit. I have to thank God that it was not me who ran away, if I had, then I would not have gotten the victory.

I did not know the full effect of all that took place only the day after. You see, my father used to have a keen sense of the supernatural (Note: I said, “Used to have”. In recent times he is believing in Jesus and thus have given up his evil contacts) and the next day my Grandmother came to be and asked me why did I go and step my father on the face as he slept that night.(He had told my Granny that I did that!) I was taken aback and I told her why would I do such a thing? Then it dawn on me that father felt the after effect of my victory in the jungle over his then “friend”! Boy, talk about defending devil!! It was AWESOME!!!

I have say that it was not anything because of me, but my faith in Jesus that made me so bold. This was just one of my many encounters, I still have few more stories about the Army, demon possessed persons being freed and so on and so forth, let me know if you what to hear them because I sure it have fun in Jesus with them all, you can too…

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