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A Mysterious Ride

This happened to my brother’s friend a couple months ago. My brother was on his way to send his friend home from my place at Bukit Gombak St 31.

Coincidently, when they were about to reach the taxi stand, a taxi came by on the spot. My brother felt strange about the arrival of the taxi. But his friend had already got into the cab. Without bidding him goodbye, the cab went off.

My brother’s friend told the driver where his destination was and the driver replied, “SAYA TAHU!” (in malay it means I know), in a very sharp, low voice. He was heading towards his new flat which is located near the Jalan Bahar area(Jurong West) where it is around the SCDF area.

On his way,the malay driver told him haunted stories about the SCDF building and he also adviced him not to go back late at night as the place is “keras” without looking at him. When they arrived at his place, he paid him a $10 note and the driver returned his change without turning back. Strange wasn’t it? Before getting out of the cab, the driver managed to greet him “ASSALAMUALAIKUM”(a greeting which means May Peace Be Upon To You)So he replied back “WA’ALAIKUMSALAM”(May Peace Be Upon To You Too).

As soon as he got out from the cab, there was a strong wind blowing at him. Without hearing any sounds of engines, he turned back only to discover that the cab was gone! When he wanted to keep his money in his wallet, he realised that the $10 note that he gave to the driver just now, was in his hands….Feeling scared, he quickly threw away the money and left the scene..

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