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The Knock

Hi! I’m Yan from GVSS. And I’m going to tell you a story about the knock. It all begins when I was little, about four yrs old. It happens in the night, as usual.

That night, my grandma and me we’re sleeping side by side on the floor. Beside us was a very old cupboard. Every night, that cupboard will made a creaking sound from inside it. Because it happens every night, my family and me got used to it.

But this night it was somehow different. When my grandma and me we’re sleeping, something was knocking from inside the old cupboard. I woke up with a start. When I turn around, I saw that my grandma was still sleeping, despite the knocking in the cupboard.

I then got up and went outside to confirm that no one was knocking at the front door. When I went to my room, the knocking from inside the cupboard still goes on without stopping.

I went to sleep scared. In the morning, I opened the cupboard. But there was nothing inside…..

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