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Hungry Ghost

Since young, I have heard of a rumour that says during the Hungry Ghost Festival, it is not wise to hang your laundry outside your house after sunset. Does your family do that?

Personally my family do not indulge in such rumours but yet I have never seen my mum not bringing in laundry before night fall. As far i can recall, the laundry will be in right before dinner every night.

If you believe in in supernatural, then it is believed that the spirits will don your clothes so when you bring it in the next time, then you would be sharing your clothes with them 😛

But I believe there are other logical answers such as why do we hang cloes outside if the sun is gone? I believed in the Kampong days, parents will tell the kids not to wander out at night especially during the 7th month and so while they are such superstitious, would they try to bring in their clothes earlier too so they wouldn’t need to step out at night? So using the same analogy, had the ‘bring in clothes earlier during 7th month’ being passed down through generations because of that? Or are there real spirits that could lurk under your clothes? I don’t know but what i do know is this – what is the point of leaving your clothes outside when the sun is gone?

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