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The Lady In The Maid’s Room

I lived in Ipoh all my life with my mother’s elder brother because both my parents were workaholics so they figured that it’s no good for a child to be left at home in Singapore alone. My uncle lives in what we called a new village which is basically a middle sized housing area that designated by the British to avoid the villagers from providing or threatened by the communists in the old days. All the houses there were made from planks back then but now most of them including my uncle had rebuilt it into bungalows. My story start like this.

It was winter solstice so I came home from my hostel in Selangor for the festival. Every night I will eat dinner with my aunt around 7.30 to 8.30. From the dining room we can see the back part of the one storey house next to us, which include their dog houses and also the maid’s room. My favorite seat at the dining table can directly see the maid’s room and on the first night I came home for dinner I can see who I assume us the maid sit very still near the window, the room was rather dark but from the security light outside we can see the what’s in the room rather clearly especially if the window was left open. I saw this maid sitting in the exact position every single day. Until I bring it up to my aunt.

Me: Why the maid next door always sit in the dark? So creepy.

Aunt: You don’t joke OK? The maid no longer work there, Jack haven’t been able to find a replacement yet.

Me: Then who is sitting in the room?

Aunt : (took a look) Wear your spec lah where got people in the room. Jack and his new wife went back to China to visit the inlaws.
Well, at this point being a blur sotong type I agree with my aunt that I saw wrongly. That same night around ten I sat at the same place drinking milk and I saw her again. This time she slowly turn to face me, I nearly screamed. The ‘person’ had no face! The worst thing is it slowly float up almost 3 meter from the ground and slowly head my way. I was frozen at the chair and thought I’m in deep shut until she reach the side door. She seems stuck there unable to enter. Well, at this point I think I fainted. I woke up with my uncle worried sick about me. Told my family what happened and my cousin said to me that she saw the same thing before and the maid left because she insist the room is haunted.

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