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Suicide Haunting Incident

My grandmother used to live in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 Block 513, the block nearby Ang Mo Kio Station. One night, as she was washing her dishes in the kitchen, she heard some quarreling from the unit above. From what she told me, it was pretty routine as the couple were both teenagers and the husband was a player. He had impregnated the girl when she was 16 but was always out “hunting” SYTs.

Suddenly, my grandmother heard the girl shouted:

“You took my body and you took my heart. Now you treat me like fark. If you don’t want me and our child, you’ll lose us forever. However, I’ll come back and you’ll regret!”

With that said and done, she jumped. My grandmother noticed when the girl’s body broke all her bamboo poles. She was screaming all the way as two lives plummeted down to the ground. The sound of splattering can be heard even though my grandmother live quite high from the floor and my grandmother was stunned for what seemed an eternity.

The police came and went, arresting the guy then releasing him without charge. My grandmother went to IMH and was diagnosed with mild PTSD. She’s still on medication and therapy. Everything was normal until the seventh night of the suicide.

On the faithful night, my grandmother had just finish showering in the kitchen’s toilet. The night sky was unusually dark and gloomy, with thundering clouds gathering overhead and winds howling like never before. Suddenly, a hand grabbed onto the metal grilles of her kitchen’s window.

It was the girl. My grandmother said her body was bloody and broken. Her face, however, had a slight grin of anticipation. She climbed up smoothly on the window grilles like a lizard, the grilles making a trembling sound as she climb across. The scariest part came when she had climbed past my grandmother’s window, there was also a baby corpse climbing upwards like his/her mother.

I heard that the man got his just desert and went insane from the haunting. He castrated himself and ate his organ raw. The girl and her child, on the other hand, was never heard again. My grandmother now lives in Seasons Park Condo…

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