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Restless Soul

This incredible incident happened in broad daylight in full view of everybody during a Malay wedding in Muar, Johor, Malaysia back in 1999.

It was my friend’s wedding.

To make the story short, the bride that day suddenly screamed in her room. At that moment the Mak Andam was applying make-up on the bride’s face.

When friends and relatives walked in the room to see what happen. The bride was sitting on the bed with her wedding dress. With her long hair covering her face. She was possessed!

Families and friends gathered around her, too scared to be near her. The room was unusually dark even during day times, and the light in the room were creepily flickering.

One of the relatives there, a medicine man tried to communicate and exorcise the spirit that was in the bride’s body.

These are the dialogue between the man and the spirit.

Man: “What is your name?”

Spirit: “Letchmi”

Later we learnt that it was the name of the spirit of an Indian woman.

Man: “What are you doing here? What do you want?”

Spirit: “I don’t know bang. I..Its getting hard to remember all. My stomach and throat is still painful!!”

She starts moaning in pain.

Man: “Why? What happened? Are you hurt?”

Spirit: “Yes..I can remember it now. Yes. he stabbed me! Means I’m…(Spirit starts crying and mumbling something in Tamil.) it cant be can you called the ambulance? I’m bleeding now cant you see? Please help me. I’m dying here!”

Man: “No. I cant see you. Who stabbed you? Where are you from anyway? What do you want doing inside this girl’s body?”

Spirit: “What you talking bang? You see bang. Raju my husband came to my workplace at the factory in Ulu Klang. He was holding his favorite huge Rambo knife. He stabbed me here many times(pointing at her stomach). He then cut my throat. Very painful. Now my head keeps falling behind due to the deep wound. You can see now I’m holding my head together to keep it from falling behind. You can see it cant you?”

It was clearly the spirit didn’t realized that she is dead

Man: “I’m sorry but I think you are dead. This is not your body. You can look at the mirror, if you don’t believe.”

Spirit turn to the mirror, and looked shocked and stunned. Then she starts crying again while mumbling in Tamil that was later told by the man to be some sort of Indian prayer

Spirit: “I..I remember. After you told me, then I remember. Please take me back to Ulu Klang. I want to go back home, to see my children.Hah? No! Go away(Spirit talking to a blank space near the room window at the 2nd floor of that house) They..They are here now. They are taking me away! Bang don’t let them take me away first! Let me see my children first! Aaayeee!!!!!!!!”

She suddenly passed out. Man tried to woke the bride up by sprinkling some praying water.

The bride woke up unaware what was happening. We told her that she had just fainted.

Later we learnt that there was indeed, a murder case that happened in one of the factories at Ulu Klang 4 years ago!

An Indian young mother of two was stabbed 28 times in the stomach by her husband in a jealous rage. The enraged husband than sliced his wife throat so deep that she was nearly decapitated. It was also learned the woman was having an affair at her workplace in the that factory. The killer was caught and sentenced to death.

We feel sorry for the woman’s restless soul. May she rest in peace.

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