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The Condo

My hubby and I had just move in to our new condo which is located at Bukit Timah Road. It is an exclusive 5 room penthouse,modern style concept and we lived in the 5th floor. The top floor.Staying with us are our two daughters, Michelle 13 years old and Nikky 10 years old. Also our 19 year old Filipino maid Rozel.

Our unit is located at the far end corner of the block next to the back gate garden overlooking a lush of peaceful greenery nature. The view could just sooth one’s mind because of its serenity.We are also the first to occupied the unit of that block, and the security with the management knew us immediately. The rest of the unit was still vacant at that time.

At first me and hubby didn’t find anything wrong or creepy here as the interior design were very modern and high-tech, we have the elevator to ourselves that connected from the car park lobby straight up directly to our unit. There will be times when the elevator moved on its own opening and closing by itself but no one is inside. We thought it was a technical problem, so we informed the management and technician, but all claimed that it is impossible for the lift to move by itself, for only we have the access card and only we can use the lift. Strange….

The horrible incident started when my elder daughter Michelle complained that while she was sleeping,according to her, a huge, tall man came into the room, to her bed, lifting up her shirt and began touching and rubbing her stomach, tracing her delicate rib cage with his long , sharp fingernails and playfully poking her belly button. She tried to get away but found out that she was mysteriously ‘paralyzed’ and couldn’t move a muscle. So she do nothing but slept in fear till the next morning.

The details was so disturbing that it caught my attention for the only man living here is my husband, her dear own sweet daddy.Which other man that was obviously molesting her was she talking about? I ask her if it was daddy that did that, and she said no…

I tried to comfort her assuring her that it was probably a nightmare, Meanwhile according to her the ‘touching’ by the mysterious man continued even though i went into the room and check on her once in a while while she was asleep. It must be her imagination or so I thought. So for the rest of the night, what I did was I turned on one of the living room spotlight which was near their bedroom, so it will not be too dark, and it works, the ‘touching incident stop after that, but thats not all.

One hot sunny afternoon, which was a school holiday, my two daughters were playing at the playground downstairs with the maid, while I was all alone in the unit doing my cooking in the kitchen. Suddenly someone slap my back, quite hard. When I turn around there was no one there. In fact there were no one at all in the house at that moment! The house which was bright before this suddenly became very dark as though there was someone standing by the window blocking the sunlight from shining in. I felt extremely scared all of a sudden and felt something evil was lurking around. It was a shocking experience and all I wanted was to get away from there. My legs were turning wobbly as I made my way to the door and out of the house. As I closed the door I thought I heard some noise inside. The sound of my furniture being moved. I quickly went downstairs to join my two daughters, and my maid.

One day I had a bad dream. In my dream, a huge, scary looking three metre tall bald man, with large green eyes, told me that his name is Marlech, and he claimed himself as what the humans will called him…a demon. He also told me that he is 978 years old and had been living in the vicinity for a very long time. The most scary thing was that he said to me that he hates my family and claimed that we are too ‘noisy’ in his ‘territory’. He also warned that he will haunt all of us except my younger daughter Nikky for she was still young and innocent. But to me, a dream is just a dream,so I tried to forget the whole thing.

Mysterious haunting and poltergeist then began to happen. Till it began to become parts of our daily lives as the days goes by, living in fear and discomfort in our dream home. What makes us strong was the whole family didn’t actually believe in ghost and we tried to assure ourselves by finding some reasonable and logical explanation for each incident. Maybe except for Rozel, she was so scared that she moves in and slept in our daughters bedroom every night. For she claimed a man’s voice kept calling her from the kitchen(her room was next to the kitchen). All these incident happen when my husband was away at work, even during day times.

Strange happenings like lights switching on and off by itself, sounds of footsteps and male hoarse voices whispering and laughing around the house, furniture and objects moving on its own occurred everyday challenging our disbelieves on the supernatural. During the day, no matter how big i open the windows to get the sunlight in. the house still seems dark and dim to the point that I had to switch on the lights in the bright, hot, sunny day everyday.

The haunting went worse, my young petite maid, Rozel who was showering one night suddenly screamed in the shower. She ran out nakedly and wet still screaming that a pair of huge, strong pale hands with sharp fingernails were hugging her exposed waist from behind as she was showering. She refused to work in the house. The next day, after packing her bags she gave me her resignation letter. We had no choice but to let her go even though she is under contract.

My two girls and me always felt something was trying to pushed us when walking around the house. Whenever we felt that way, there will be this stench of rotting meat like the smell of a dead rat in our surrounding. While I myself saw a glimpse of a huge, tall figure dashing from the living room to the kitchen on that one night when the whole family just arrived home from shopping. Its height was to the extend that his head nearly touch the ceiling! When I on the lights, there was no one there.

My husband who doesn’t believe in ghost and the incidents which I told him sprained his back when one morning while sitting down eating his breakfast, in front of our eyes, the chair which he was seating down were suddenly yanked and pulled back by a strong and unknown invisible force.

One stormy rainy night, my two daughters suddenly screamed from their bedroom awaking me and my husband. Michelle who was in tears complained that the huge, tall man who used to ‘touched’ her, came into the room and threatening to rip open her tummy and pulled out all her intestines just to eat the dinner that my daughter had just ate earlier. Michelle told me that the ‘man’ or demon if I might say was angry for she didn’t left some of the dinner for him to eat! It was the most horrible, disturbing details and explanation that I had ever heard coming out from my daughter’s mouth. We slept together that night.

My two daughters were diagnosed with mysterious hysterical fever the following day, so I thought it was the last straw. Not wanting to take any chances together we packed our bags and started to stay at my parents place. Mysteriously both my daughters recovered from their fever after that. We called a priest and monks to exorcise the house but they told us that its better if we do not stay here.because that thing will harm my two daughters.

So our unit and our once dream home were later rented out to some foreigners. Strangely the new tenants didn’t complained about any unusual happenings.

I didn’t believe in supernatural myself, but this is one of hell of my experience and had taught me that…..paranormal existence DO exists!!

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