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Don’t Touch Ouija

I have a large, large interest in the paranormal. I guess the interest comes natural to me because I consider myself to be a Wiccan. I’d used the Ouija Board a lot in the past. Usually, though, it would only work if there were over three people using it and I was not wearing my pentacle, which I was always hesitant to take off because it is considered protection from spirits.

The last time I used my Ouija Board was two years ago. I had a rather bad experience with it and haven’t touched it once since that night. A year before that night, I was using it with my sister (another Wiccan) and some of her friends. That was the first time we met a spirit who called himself Zaz. He said he had this crush on my sister’s best friend, Becky, and hated another of her friends, Jess. That same night, Jess fell down the stairs and she told us that it felt like she had been pushed. We didn’t really worry about it too much. Thought it was just a coincidence.

Then a year later, we used it again at my birthday party around 11:00. It was the day after Halloween, which is one of those days where it is very easy to communicate using the Ouija Board. It was me, my sister, and 4 friends, including Brooke, who had absolutely no interest in the Ouija Board at first. She thought it was a great big joke.

We started using the board and we began talking to a female spirit (can’t remember anything about her, though). After awhile, she suddenly stopped talking and no matter what, she wouldn’t reply to anything we said. We waited a few more moments and finally, she replied. But it wasn’t her. It was a male, he told us. When we asked his name, he spelled out the name, Zaz. Now, there were only three out of the six of us that knew about Zaz. Myself, my sister, and my friend, Harley. And I was sure that none of us were controlling it.

Brooke started getting more interested in it and finally came over to use it with us because Zaz mentioned her directly. He told us that she was the reincarnation of his killer, who killed him by hitting him over the head with a hammer. We even asked him what he thought of all of us (he said some pretty nasty things, too) and when he got to Brooke, he kept going on and on about how much he wanted to kill her. We asked some more things such as when he died, his killer’s name, etc, and we ended up switching off once in awhile so that some of us were at the computer looking some of this up and some of us were at the Ouija Board. While we were on the computer, we actually found some stuff on his killer. Eventually, we even found a link that was titled, ‘Philippe Detry Killing Zaz’, or something of the sort.

Eventually, when we were all back again, Zaz decided to ask one of my friends to leave because he didn’t want her there. So she got up and left the room. And then he kept going, asking us one by one to leave the Ouija Board. After my sister finally got up, Brooke (the ‘reincarnation’ of Zaz’s killer) and one of my friends, Angelica, were the only two left. We stopped that immediately, realizing what he was trying to do because we know that using the Ouija Board alone can lead to possession. Zaz was attempting to get everyone to leave so that he could ‘possess’ Brooke. We ran back to the board and immediately said goodbye, taking a long break after that.

We came back awhile later and said Hello only to find Zaz still there. It was kind of like he was there waiting for us. We talked for awhile longer, but eventually he asked us word-for-word, “Can I come in?” Me and my sister know that if a spirit asks to do anything that he could physically do in the physical world, that would be like inviting him into the physical world. And he was trying to get us to invite him. We didn’t even answer him and immediately said goodbye.

We were so scared that night, we couldn’t even get ourselves to sleep upstairs at all because that’s where we were using it. We ended up falling asleep during a movie because we couldn’t get to sleep at all.

So, some of you might be thinking, “Well, somebody was probably controlling it the whole time.” I considered that, but then I realized that none of us were there the entire time. We were switching off, some of us at the computer and some of us at the Ouija Board.

That is why I haven’t used my Ouija Board in two years.

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