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A Phone call

This happens to me just a few weeks ago (Nov 2006). I had taken a maid from one tekong in Sg Buloh few months back. She was screened. Her name was Uyun. She is from Madura. Age late 30.

I was very satisfied with her services. Everytime I come home, the house is spick and span. Floors mopped, windows wiped, dishes cleaned, laundry folded. No complaints. But I noticed that she never had any sprinkle of water over her, she was never wet or look tired after a day of hard work. And we live in a huge penthouse.

One night we were having a family dinner. The phone rang and she picked up. But the moment she said hello the line went dead. This happens a few times. So i suggested that next time it rings, i will pick it up. So the phone rang. It was a guy on the other line. He said that if the maid is next to me just answered everything as “yes”. So I did. The guy pictured the maid to us and identified our house correctly. He told me that my family and I is in great DANGER and asked me to take the family out immediately and meet him somewhere.

I put down the phone and told the maid that my mother-in-law has fallen ill and that we have to go back to Kelantan right that minute. She insisted to come along but I instructed her to stay.

We dumped our children and my parents at the mall. My husband and I went to see the guy that night. The guy said that the maid used to work for her. I asked him how he got our number. He said that the maid has been calling their teenage son everyday as she had fallen in love with him. But that is just part of the problem.

Later they discovered that the finger tips of their 5 year old son were damaged. They got smaller and thinner. The doctor said that something or someone has been sucking blood out of the fingers. So they immediately sacked the maid.

I didn’t believe the guy, but later told my father who is paralysed and lived with us on the ground floor. He said that he noticed something was wrong with the maid. Everytime he wakes up to go to the toilet at 2 or 3 in the morning, the maid was not in her room and the door was wide open. She could not have been outside the house as she doesn’t have the key to the front door.

I sensed something wrong. I told my husband to send her back. When we got home, we told her that we have to be in Kelantan for a few months and that she has to go back to the tekong. She refused to go and refused to pack. But I insisted to send her that very same night and said that I will send her things later. By then my husband managed to get help from a pak haji neighbour to follow us to the tekong. She was very angry of course but did not say a word.

We went back to pack her things. I found a menu in her bag that says she has to eat 10 eggs on Monday night, some blood on Tuesday night, chicken blood on Wednesday and so forth.

My husband and I together with the pak haji went back to send her stuff the next night. As soon as the tekong opens the door, pak haji felt that someone has lifted him up and threw him over to the wall. I saw with my own eyes. He literally flew from one end to the other end of the room. He got up and we quickly ran to our car. By then the tekong had came out and shouted something to us. Since we had already left he called us on the phone.

He was shouting at us “Apa benda kamu hantar ini?? Benda berhantu?? Dia sudah marah sekarang sedang terbang keliling rumah!!!”.

My husband just shut the phone off and we went home.

Guys, please be careful. I live in Ampang and the tekong house is in Sg Buloh. This incident happened just a few weeks ago. This “maid” or whatever creature she may be is still flying around somewhere. This is not a ghost story. I don’t get a single cent out of this! Please be careful.

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