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I’ve heard a story from a friend that kept me up for weeks. I don’t know if you ever heard of Keeshins. That’s Korean for, well, I guess for ghosts. They look like the Ring girl, all in white, long black hair and really pale faces. Oh yeah and usually they are women. There are many kinds also. Ones that live in the ocean and lakes. Ones that live in cemeteries, trees and mountains. Just thought I’d let you know. Well here is the story.

I had a friend who lived in Korea before his family relocated to America. I love Asian ghost stories so I asked him if he knew any good ones. What he told me literally kept me up for countless nights.

One night while he was studying in his room he felt very tired and couldn’t continue studying. Thinking that some rest would help him he turned in for the night.

He told me that in his room he had everything. A computer, TV, VCR (back in the day), everything, but back to the story. He was so tired that he thought he’d fall asleep the instant he crashed into bed. Oddly he became very restless. He experienced some type of vertigo and felt a little sick to the stomach. Thinking that he had caught the flu or a bad cold he turned off all the lights and the TV and tried to sleep.

Lying there in the dark didn’t help his sleep at all. He started feeling cold and scared for some reason. Then, from a distance, he heard a girl crying. He was chilled to the bone. He didn’t want to move and his eyes were wide open. The crying continued for what he says about 3-5 minutes. Too scared to move or say anything, he just listened to the crying when suddenly he said the crying halted with a shrieking scream.

Now the way he explained the scream to me was weird. He said it was loud enough for him to hear it but it seemed like nobody else could. I didn’t really understand him fully on that part, but I guess you can imagine right. What happened next is the chilling part. I have to explain the setup of his room a little bit. The TV and VCR stand was at the end of his bed with some space in between for walking. As he laid there frozen by fear he could only look straight forward with his eyes wide open. He told me he was afraid to blink.

All he could see was the 12:00 on his VCR blinking because he never set the time for it. Then, all of a sudden, a few seconds after he heard the scream, the 12:00 that he was looking at disappeared for what he says felt like hours but was probably about 5 minutes or so. The only thing that registered in his mind was either the VCR was broken or someone/something was standing in front of it. He couldn’t see anything cause it was pitch black in his room but the 12:00 had disappeared. So scared he shut his eyes and started praying. When he opened his eyes there was the 12:00 blinking like normal.

He had stayed up all night, too scared to sleep. When the sun came up he found no evidence of anything being in his room or malfunctions of the VCR connections. After only living in that first floor apartment for about a month his family decided to move to America. They were having a lot of money problems and wanted to come to the land of opportunity to see where it could take them. Not until they had moved out did his mom tell him that she hated that apartment and got bad feelings from it.

He then proceeded to tell his mom what happened that night. She didn’t act too shocked from it and proceeded to tell him that the only reason they got that apartment was because of the price. His parents knew that they were coming to America months prior and just needed a cheap place to stay for about a month. The apartment was dirt cheap cause a girl that had lived in an apartment way directly above them had committed suicide from the stress of getting into college. She had landed right by my friends bedroom window.

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