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Madman in the Back Seat

I was reading the story about the man in the back seat of the car, and I heard another story to the same extent so I thought I would share it with you guys. It starts off the same about a woman who is driving down a deserted road outside her town. She is low on gas and pulls up to gas station.

While inside paying and getting a coffee to keep her awake while she drives home, a madman crawls into the backseat of her unlocked SUV. He is unseen by the woman, however just as she is getting into her car, the gas attendant sees the madman stand up as if to hack her to bits with his axe.

So he jumps into his car. The woman sees this and becomes afraid. The gas attendant Ernie follows the woman and each time he sees the man sit up he flashes his lights so the man must lie down to be unseen. Ernie follows the woman all the way to her driveway flashing his lights a total of 54 times.

The woman jumps out of her car before it even stops and her husband comes running out of the house. “This man Ernie phoned me on his cell phone saying there was a killer trying to kill you and he was hiding in the SUV backseat” the woman starts screaming.

Ernie had apparently gotten her home phone number from the credit card she had used to pay for the coffee and gas. They trapped the madman in the back seat until the cops arrived. It turned out that he was an estranged man who had escaped from a mental institution not far from the gas station! That’s the way I heard it!


Story by Tracy

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