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My Hill View Residence

A long but factual tale…

I`m going to relate to you my family`s experiences while we were living in Hill View back in the 1980s. For those who are unsure of this area, it`s along Upper Bukit Timah road and between Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Batok. It`s also 10 minutes away from the infamous Hill View mansion. Anyway, here goes…

I was born in Hill View or Prince Charles Rise to be exact. When the first few blocks of flats were built, we were fortunate (or unfortunate) to move into one of them. The block I resided was beside a huge carpark and in front of another block of 1-room flats. Right behind the 1-room flats was a dis-used quarry and dense forestation. (Now that site is home to mindef btw). Our family of 6 shifted into the 4 room flat when I was 10 going on 11. I was the youngest in the family and being in morning stream throughout, I was alone at home most of the times while my siblings were in schools and my parents at work. I dreaded going home even at that tender age of 10; not because I wanted to play with my friends but the thought of being in the house all alone somehow frightened me. I remembered sitting by the open door and locked gates, keys in hand, waiting for my family to return. On some days, I could literally hear dripping water on the metal kitchen sink, or things dropping in the 3 bedrooms, and when someone is back home and I finally have the guts to check on the source of the sounds, the sink will be as dry as the desert ground and the rooms with no trace of fallen items on the floors. I complained numerous times to my family members but they chided me for my wild imaginations. Most of the times, I tried to stay out later than usual to avoid being alone at home. These unusual noises started 2 months after we shifted in.

I would share 1 room with my elder brother while my 2 other sisters share the other and my parents, the 3rd. There was one night I decided to sleep in my parents room because of the air-conditioning. It was a usual habit in my household that when we slept, the doors to the rooms were closed but NEVER locked. I was about to sleep then when I heard the door knob of my parents room door beginning to turn. I was waiting for my sibling to come in and use the toilet within but the door did not open. The knob turning noises simply went on and on as if the door was locked and someone was adamant to twist the knob off. If it was one of my siblings, he/she would either have knocked or would have used the toilet in the kitchen. I was surprised my parents did not stir from the sounds! I believed it went on for another 5 minutes while I shivered myself to sleep underneath… Shortly after, my sister`s hysterical screams sounded and she burst into out room, shocking my parents and myself out of the bed. She was visibly shaken as she jumped to my dad and shouted some loud incoherent sentences of seeing something in the living room. My dad went out to the living room and returned with the rest of my siblings.

“There`s nothing outside. Were you dreaming?” My dad chided.

“There was a woman standing beside the window by the main door” My sister sobbed uncontrollably while the rest of us froze dead on our tracks hearing her relate her tale while going to the toilet in the kitchen. Apparently, when she walked out of the room into the living room, she saw from the corner of her eye a figure by the window. She squinted and saw clearly that the figure was not one of us, but a long hair woman staring at the floor. That was when she screamed and jumped into our room.

That was to be the first of the sighting. My second sister was the next victim. She related to us (screaming to be exact), on similar circumstances, in the middle of the night, of seeing one short green man climb through the window of her room, walked to her bedfront and simply looked at her. She could not move, alert my elder sister nor scream at that moment. She simply laid frozen and staring at the “man”. The short green man stared for what seemed like eternity before clambering back to the window, and simply jumped out into the darkness. We were all shakened when she related the tale amongst sobs. By the way, we live on the 13th Floor.

As the months passed. the rest of the family heard funny noises throughout the night and day; running water, dripping water, rolling marbles, loud thudding sounds etc. There was no more sighting of the woman not the small green man. We have had mediums whatsoever to bless the house but nothing worked. Finally, after claiming that the house has brought my parents bad luck and fear to their kids, we moved elsewhere.

The flat is still there now but will be torn down as Hill View is being converted to private residential estates.

The family we sold the flat to moved out in 3 months for reasons unknown. The house was left vacant for a couple of years thereafter. I stopped hearing news from my mum thus, I do not know if someone is living in it now. It`s a corner unit at the highest floor (13). I can`t reveal the exact location in case someone`s staying there. Anyway, you can`t miss it as it`s the only 4 room block in that area. It`s one of the 2 corners of the block, just take a guess…

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