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Hillview Mansion

Note: This is a real event, of course there are bound to be times when we were silly.

It was on 31st October 2003 ,the last day of school, My friend and I decided to go to the infamous Hillview Mansion in Bt. Batok. The journey started at around 11.30p.m.

So the 9 of us took the bus, 173 in the Bt. Batok interchange. We then alighted at the stop we thought was Hillview Mansion. After going up the hill, we found out we were at the wrong hill! *Darn!* We were fustrated but we did not give up. And after asking for directions, we finally arrived to the steep route. It was really steep. If you fall, you might roll down! So after a tiresome hike, we reached the end. On the right, there was a gate and a route ahead. *Damn!* It was spooky! The trees, plants and the still atmosphere created an eerie feeling. Ok, the gate was locked, but wait, there was a small gap which was formed by removing the bar of the fence. So we climbed in.

The air was more tense now, to some of us that is. And to our surprise, many people actually visited the place as well. On the stones, there were writing of their names and schools and lots of *F* words. On the ground were a couple of dung too. So we sticked closely together and went towards the path. There were some twists and turns but we reached the mansion itself in no time. *Gosh!* What the hell is that?! It was a huge house, a mansion and it sure was`t a friendly one. All of us except for 3 of my Muslim friends stayed outside while the rest of us went in.

And after a minor exploration we quickly ran out for *I dunno what* reasons. Then we went to the 3 outside. We decided to go and explore again. This time we were more determined- at least for me its true, and we decided to fully explore the place. All of us except one agreed. She was afraid so we had no choice but to leave her outside. She said she only wanted to see the house.

Then we asked her the reason why she did not want to. She explained it in Malay and said she did not know how to explain it in English. So, one of my Malay friends told us the `translation`. She said she heard from her friend that during this fasting month, *someone whom I forgot the name* locked Satan up. Although evil is locked up, the invisible people called Genes *Is it how it`s spelt?* or something like spirits were not. She said that they might be living in this house. Then, I was having second thoughts. I told her that it is not safe to stay alone outside. We persuaded her but to no avail.

We went in and explored the place. The house was even much cooler than before to me. There were paints sprayed onto the walls. The spiral staircase did not have any railings. *Whew!* There were some rooms we did not explored it was too eerie. Then one of my friends tried to open the only door in the mansion. The door was spoilt by judging at the broken latch so it should not be a problem opening it. We were shouting at him not to open the door, for we fear something might be inside. But he totally ignored our advice and opened it. The strange thing was he could not open it. He tried pushing and pulling, but nothing worked.

Then, another of my friend suggested that we move up the staircase. She was the first to go up but after a few steps, she ran down. She pointed at the staircase and there was a footprint. *Gasp!* Big deal, she must have stepped on the water puddles somewhere around the house and leaving the footprints behind. But, no, that wasn`t not the case. The footprint had toes. *Freaky!* And everyone of us had our shoes on! *Double freaky!* After that we ran out of the mansion, only to see our friend crying. We asked her what happened and she told us that she saw a head with long hair, eyes but without mouth was laughing at her! *AHH!* It was strange, because since it did not have a mouth, it couldn`t be laughing. It must be the expression. So we asked her why she did not scream, she said she screamed like hell. It was weird since none of us heard her. And after she said some Muslim prayers, it went away. She was weeping non-stop. It was known later, that one of my friends saw her staring at something with a mouth wide opened, but he could heard her scream very softly. *Damn! Freaky!* So after this, we immediately ran down the hill. I was so scared and cold even my hair was standing. We had quite a lot of discussions about the event on our way home. Scary right?!

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