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Possessed While Gambling

As the 16th of every month was pay day, some workers went all the way to gamble as most Singaporean too obsessed with gambling. The place where this gambling took place was an unused air con storeroom which my colleague in the Engineering Dept got hold of the keys as there will be no interrupted for this illegal activities. There are 4 persons involved in this game called PAIR CALL starting from $0.50cents.

They started at about 5.30pm but nothing unusual happens. At 8pm, the gambling becoming more intense and Johan(the victim) is winning all the time, the cards must be very friendly to Johan. 9.30pm past and Johan start complaining that he is very hungry and felt cold while the others perspire non stop partly of the weak air con power and the days’ loss. As the game PAIR CALL need to speak out how much the person wants to increased the sum e.g. $1 or more and it’s Amir(another colleague) on the left that upped the sum to $1 and waited for Johan to answer if he wanted to follow and Johan as usual increased the sum but NOT LOOKING at Amir but BEYOND Amir, which is as far as the eye could see. There was NOBODY there, only old stuff from our previous company before shifting to West Coast. After this puzzling events, Johan left the cards on the table and raised his arms as to say the national anthem but suddenly his hands start shaking violently and keeps saying “What is happening to me” At first we thought that he suffered a stroke. We seated him on an office chair(movable) and rushed him outside for some fresh air and ask him to speak something but he lies there motionless, the time was about 10.15pm.

Soon more reinforcement came as there was seen as a commotion. Soon Amir start talking to Johan to think of God(finally) and at that time Johan raised his face, looked left and right and finally gave a SINISTER “the EXORCIST” smile and we panic but Amir kept strong and start to read religious words into Johan ears and forehead and that time there was calm at last.

Soon, a friend who own a car ferried Johan back home with Amir and Zul (another colleague)…the time 11.00pm. We reached Hillview(Johan’s house at about 11.30pm and after explaining to Johan’s wife that he collapse at work and be on our way home separately. The friend’s car and Zul went back to work as they are on night shift but Amir went home(Marsiling).

At 11.50pm, Amir who make Johan back to reality feels something is NOT RIGHT as if SOMEONE or SOMETHING was following him home. As he reach Sim Siong near Marsiling MRT, since it’s almost midnight, the area was quiet and Amir walked hurriedly home.

Suddenly a WHITE CLOTH(bundled) came GLIDING on his left and right passing him several times and the situation become tense and Amir who is strong will starts reciting religious words and keep telling the UNKNOWN to go away and return to where IT belong. Amir reached home at 12.15am and took off his shirts and left it outside for the night and can’t sleep that night.

The next day, Amir told us that nothing happened at home and anxious to know what happened to Johan as we failed to get reach of him as we call but there was no response. But at 10.30am my friend finally reached him on his cell phone and he was taking one day medical leave and assured us that everything was FINE… we HOPE. We can only find out tomorrow when he return to work!!

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