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Club Spirits

After my army I became a dancer and joined a club called House of Ashes, in Far East Club. It was near a Chinese temple. The club was supposedly used to be a storage house of ashes. When they stared the club, they painted the whole club red.

Then, many things happened. We have dancers who fall down without reason. The artistic director would be performing halfway, we have caught it on camera, and he would fall down in a funny way. His leg was swept off the floor, he didn’t slip. Dancers coming on or off stage, there would be a dry patch, they would slipped or sprain their ankle coming out from that corner. There was a new host. While hosting one night, she actually saw an old lady waving down at her. I don’t know why but I seemed to have things of ‘people’ waving at us. She was stunned for 2 minutes on stage.

I have no idea about the history of the place. But after things start to happen, we started talking about it.

We have manual curtains. Every time the show was about to end, someone has to ensure that someone shut and open the curtain. That time I was on duty, I have to ensure that someone will shut the curtain. The item was about to finish I flipped the curtain to see if there was someone on standby to shut the curtain after we finish, I saw someone. And after the item finished, and the dancers went off stage. I told the fellow that “he can open the curtain now” couple of times. There was nobody there. I was wondering then who closed the curtain in the first place. I was standing such that nobody could leave the curtain area without me seeing him left.

So after everything ends, and I was returning the props, the cutout of people in funny poses. I wasn’t near any air-conditioning. If there were wind the props would have simply fall to the front. The props were leaning against the wall. As I try to pick it up, I saw the props moved horizontally towards me. I freaked out, dropped the props and left the place. Everyone heard the big bang as the prop dropped to the ground.

Another time halfway dancing, something twisted my legs. As a dancer I was trained to do stunts properly. But on video you can see my leg was twisted by something.

Conclusion was that the club was supposedly to give offerings to the spirits there. So they invited some bomohs down, but the bomoh said these are Chinese ghost.

So we got the medium. So the medium told us this place used to be the storage house of ashes of samsui women who used to stay there. There was a group who are not very happy because of the loud music. Until we started playing Chinese items, then they would sit in the corner and watch us. So every week we burnt offering.

Then we consulted another medium who said that the place wasn’t conducive to business. This contradicted the first medium who said that this is a good place after some fengshui checking. She said the club own ground was bombed during WW2, and a lot of people died there. And the red paint is making them very unhappy. She recommended that we do another set of offering to them. That night that we made the second offering, the whole club started leaking, even though it wasn’t raining. So we called the medium. After 5 minutes of checking, she said they are crying!

After she came down, she said there is a new group of spirit who wants to move in. this old group is pissed and we have offered to the wrong group.

So now we have a certain corner where we can’t put props or things, and another side where we have char siew offerings

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