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Haunting In My House

I lived in my present house for 20 years already. We were the first owners, hence it was quite surprising to encounter some of these paranormal stuff.

My sister was the most sensitive in our family. When she was left alone at home, cupboard doors could open by themselves. Sometimes she also smelled joss sticks burning in her room but we never burned any incense in our home. Till this day I don’t know the full story of all her encounters.

As for my own experiences, when I was around 5 or 6, I woke up one night after being roused by thunder. I saw a distinctly female white figure. Not knowing any better, I told my my mum I saw snow white in my room. But actually this incident was quite terrifying since it was only around 2 meters away and looking at me.

Once when I was coming home from school at around 5pm (afternoon shift at primary school), as I was walking up to my front door, I heard someone call out my name in a damn low and dead voice. It dragged its voice and it was really horrible. I looked back (did not know not supposed to) and I saw nothing.

Finally, parents decided to call in a medium. After inspecting the house, the medium isolated a big vase and conducted some ritual in my sister’s room in total darkness and in the presence of the whole family. In the middle of the ritual, the vase broke by itself and I saw a clear silhouette of a human figure with shoulder length hair sitting on my sister’s bed. It did not register immediately that it was something supernatural but I was spooked after the ritual.

Besides the vase, the medium also looked at a painting my sister painted. It was a lady with her back facing front and she was holding a white snake. If I remember correctly it won some prize. When he was inspecting the painting, I heard the snake hiss and saw its eyes glitter.

After all the ritual were performed on the house, some activity still persisted. My sister would sometimes see a white snake darting in her room. I saw another white figure through the reflection of a glass cabinet in the living room.

Right now, we have not experienced anything for a long time. And I sincerely hope that it stays this way. You might think that certain parts of my story sounds like BS. Believe what you will, all that I have shared was what I truly experienced.

From this, my family learnt that when choosing mediums you have to make sure he or she is super reliable. Our medium was a recommendation from my dad’s cousin. We paid him all in all over 2k (it was quite a bit back then), but our troubles never really stopped completely. When my mom called him again, he said oh it is important to get him to come back and do more rituals. That was when she suspected that it he might not be truly helping us. Most importantly, you must have a strong heart and mind in order to protect yourself from such stuff.

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