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Haunted Encounters in Army

Nee Soon Camp – Nothing much happened till 2 days before my POP when my bunkmate saw a black shadow floating around in the bunk. Thereafter, he had high fever for 5 days.

Pasir Laba Camp – Spent my first 7th month in NS at Pasir Laba. Bunkmates got “blinded” by the spirits when we were doing navigation exercise at Lim Chu Kang. They ended up going walking around a small round about which has a tombstone on it. One of those who was “blinded” also started sleepwalking from that very same night. He stopped when the 7th month ended.

Khatib Camp – Nothing happened when I was a trainee. Was posted back to Sch of Arty as an attached instructor and during one of the lessons, a trainee suddenly stood up, screamed and threw his desk into the air. He then ran out of the class which was on the 5th floor and towards the railings at the end of the corridor. We gave chase and kept shouting at him to stop. Luckily, some officers from 24SA just came out from the toilet and one of them tackled the trainee subdued him. While we were holding him down, he kept screaming and thrashing his arms wildly. Someone called the medical centre and a MO turned up and gave him a jab to calm him down. Later on, we asked him what happened and he said he heard an old lady whispering into his ears to “jump”! Shortly, he went OOC.

Still at Khatib, was posted back to 23SA. Got a few cases of people seeing a lady in red at the MT line/QM stores. One recruit from Charlie battery was stabbed to death at a pub over the weekends. On his 7th day, he was coming back to camp by a few members of his detachment. When I was clearing my leave before ORD, one 3 tonner was involved with a collision with a car. Some of the occupants were killed. My friend who was the signal store IC was the V com. 2 weeks later during day time, my friend was in the store when he heard a ball bouncing. He turned around and a little boy with a basket ball came up to him and asked “Would you like to play with me?”. The boy was one of the occupants who was killed in the accident.

In New Zealand, there is a train platform behind our bunks and a few times in the early morning around 5 am, we saw people with wide brim hats standing there with their bags. We asked the NZ officer who they were and he said the rail line used to ferry soldiers from the camp to the harbour during WWII but it is no longer in used.

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