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A Pulau Ubin Incident

A group of friends and I went for a “explore ubin” trip.

I was invited because I know two other people there. One was a nerd and one was a crazy moron. We all got a bike each and the group separate into many groups going different way. The group I was in got the two person i know, and 1 girl, lets call her Jane, who i totally don’t know. Even the two idiots don’t know.

We cycle until dunno where…ulu ulu de…I mean all of that place is ulu ulu de but this one somehow give you a feeling that its strange.

We continue to cycle until we suddenly came back to the same path. Everyone was shock.

The girl, get of her bike, and say that she saw someone who seems to be injured inside the forested area. The crazy guy say that it might be a spirit, and the reason why we cycle till the same path might be it so better ignore it. The nerd then added “It might be we cycle one round so its not possible to be a spirit and there is no such things as spirit or ghost in the world.” I kept quiet.

“Hang on! I got a first aid kit here!” The girl suddenly shouted. And when we turn around, she ran into the forested area already. So we run after her lor.

But the moment we got into the forest, there is like no sign of her. We know she ain’t any sportswoman from her build and that she gets exhausted easily.

“Could it be the work of spirit?” That crazy person say.

“I don’t believe.” the nerd say.

“Shut up and keep looking for her.” I say.The two of them are debating as soon as we enter the forest.”

After 30 mins and there is still no sign of her. Finally, we saw a guy in white carry the girl. Just before that guy walk into a thick bushes with Jane, the crazy guy shouted “OI, WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO JANE YOU THIS PIECE OF LAO TIKO! PUT HER DOWN NOW OR WE WILL TAKE ACTION!”

I at there shock. In my mind i was thinking [Siao liao,good game,we are dead meat.]

We run after them. And after we came out from the bushes, we saw her lying down there with her clothes until very very very jialat, until you can see her…Ahem.

That two idiot. Offended the spirit more by taking out their swiss army knife and gets into a position where i was in the center and two beside me preparing for combat.”

The Spirit eyes turn red. Something bad is going to happen. I told the two wait for my signal to use a poncho and cover Jane her up and carry her away. I walk slowly towards the girl.

“Forgive us for intruding into your territory. The girl here rush in as soon as she see you wounded, and have no intention of harming you, even us. The two other friend of mine were merely trying to defend themselves when they see what you done to her.”

The spirit eyes return to normal. I gave the signal, and the two of them came and carry her away, running.

“I thank you for letting us off. We learn our lesson today and we will definitely not intrude again.” And i turn and start walking away.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I decide not to look back and then i say “Let me off, I still want my life.” He did not let go.

I breathe deeply and start to run. As i run, i hear distant laughter. Not only laughter, I felt pain at certain parts of my body.

When I finally caught sight of the bikes, Jane was already awake and was hugging herself in fear. When I finally came out, I was panting heavily. Then, I felt very large pain throughout my body. The two morons came to ask me what i have done, but because of the pain, I screamed and then black out.

When I awake, we are at a bridge. Jane was tending to my wounds while the other two continue to debate about what happen. I try to move but could only move a little.

I ask Jane what happen and she told me that I suddenly start bleeding and then black out. After I was bandaged up nearly like a mummy, we went back to the meeting point. Everyone was shock what happen to Jane and me. When we reach mainland, I remove the bandages, and to my surprise, my wounds is all gone without a single trace! But there is still some small pain.

That incident…teaches me something. Don’t stop in the middle of nowhere and separate from the group.

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