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Kent Ridge Park

Just a week before the Hungry Ghosts’ Festival, my class had a barbeque at our classmate’s residence, a condo called Normanton Park.

After our barbeque at 8+, we went to Kent Ridge Park for a treasure hunt and night walk.

The ending point for the hunt was at a big court, just below the fitness corner. There was a cannon on the court.

Over there, a very disturbing incident happened to my classmate which totally freaked her out. While walking up the stairs, she suddenly turned towards a dark corner where there were dark trees. She was walking past a big tree when she felt something dropping down on her from above. It reached all the way to her hands, and she said it felt like hair was all over her.

She was so frightened that she ran away screaming.

After the incident, all of us took a couple of photos at the cannon. Last week, I was looking through those photos when I saw a faint white orb in one of the photos we took there. The background of that photo was totally dark, so the orb can be seen fairly clearly.

After going back to Normanton Park, two of our classmates revealed that earlier on in the evening at 7plus, when they were exploring the park to prepare for the treasure hunt, they actually heard some strange noises coming from the bushes.

We spent the rest of the night freaking each other out with ghost stories. Most of the people left by 11+pm, leaving only 7 of us behind.

All 7 of us went for a walk at about 2am in the morning. We walked on the overhead bridge over the AYE leading to a road. We’re not very sure of the road name but it should be Tanglin Road. There is an army camp on the right side once you climb down the other end of the bridge.

While we were walking along the road, we suddenly heard some techno music from behind. It was a very distinctive beat, and all of us heard it. We looked back, but there wasn’t even a single soul around and all the cars around were empty. The long stretch of road in front was also empty, and we could not figure out where the music was coming from.

Somehow, as we continued walking, we would hear the techno music, then it would fade off, then we would hear it again, and it became very loud at time, then faded off again.

At about 3am, we walked back to the estate. For some unexplainable reason, we continued to hear the music. While walking past another friend who was waiting for a taxi outside Normanton Park, the music became exceptionally loud. However, when we asked her the next day whether she had heard anything, she replied firmly “No”.

While lazing around at the clubhouse after a long and tense walk, we continued hearing the music. The music never stopped till dawn broke.

We feel that maybe, just maybe, something followed us that fateful night.

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