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A Haunting That Came And Went

I was a senior in high school about ready to graduate. It was April 2010 and never had an experience of any paranormal activity what so ever. In my mind they only existed in movies… Little did I know what I was in for. It all started in my room. I have a big house and my room is pretty big as well. The house isn’t old either; my family moved in in 1998 and it was built in 1995. So it’s 14 years old. I was watching TV in my room I was sitting on my couch and all of a sudden a paper cup rolled off the coffee table it was on and kept on rolling until it hit my desk chair. (which was very far from the TV) My first thought was “oh it must have been the wind from my ceiling fan which was on at the time. That same night I remember waking up to a loud thud in my room. I ignored it and went back to sleep. Then another thud happened. So I turn on my light and I saw 2 glasses which I left on my desk on the floor like they were just smacked off or something.

As time passed I graduated and summer began. I remember one night my friend dropped me off after a bunch of us were out all night. When I went out I usually got back around 2am. I got out of the car, my friend drove away and instantly I felt scared, nervous, anxious, and paranoid. As I walked up my driveway it literally felt like someone was walking behind me almost like telling me to hurry up. I remember my heart started POUNDING as I got closer and closer to my house. Once I got inside I was breathing heavily. To get to my room you can go 2 ways. The way I go is through my study and up a flight of stairs that directly leads to my room. The study door was closed as usual and when I opened it these feelings just intensified. I was scared to even go up my stairs. When I got to the top I quickly turned all my lights on and I didn’t feel like sleeping. I remember sitting on my bed out of breath completely. I remember saying to myself “Oh my God dude you need to calm down!” I eventually did and decided to go to bed with the lights on.

Here is a over all lay out of my room. You come up the stairs on your right there is a window. Right in front of you is my bed to the left is where the TV and couch are and so is my desk and there is also a piano in my room for some reason. Its old. So I’m about to fall asleep when my window flies open all the way. It was loud and it scared me really bad. That night was when I came to the conclusion that something was going on.

Through out the entire summer things got worse. I heard knocks on my ceiling creaks and crackles, things I have never heard before in my room. I always got this negative evil vibe when I was in there. I knew something was in there. But I didn’t know why all of a sudden this would start happening. Summer ended and my 1st year of college was at a community college just down the street and I had morning classes so I’d be home around 11am and be home alone until about 3pm. Most days nothing happened, things were normal. But some days were not so good. I’ll just skip to the worst experience I had.

I came home from class and I made some lunch and went down to my basement to watch TV and eat my food. I left the door open like I always do. Maybe 30 to 45 minutes later the door slammed shut and I’m talking HARD like someone was pissed after a fight or something. So I was like okay sweet let’s go investigate.

I go back upstairs to put my plate away but this time I closed the basement door. I put my plate in the sink, went to the bathroom, went back to the living room and saw that my basement door had been opened. I checked to see if my mom or dad came home early… They didn’t. So I went to my room and saw that my window was wide open the farthest you could possibly open it. The month now was October. I closed it and went back down stairs for a few hours then went back up to check facebook and the window was open AGAIN! I started freaking out. I shut it and locked it tight and went to the bathroom to change. Now in this bathroom the mirror reflects into the hall way so you can see into my room. I was getting ready then all of a sudden my bedroom door slammed shut shaking the walls, the floor. It was like the hulk shut my door. I freaked out jumped in my car and just drove to my friends house and stayed there all day because I felt UNSAFE at home.

This date I actually do remember it was October 15th, 2010 I remember thinking “wow nothing has happened for awhile.” And that’s just it nothing ever did again. I went from being afraid of my room to absolutely loving it. Never have I gotten a weird vibe from that room again. It’s very peaceful just like it was before April 2010. Whatever was in my room was there for 6th months and then just vanished. I do remember staring at the piano and not liking the feeling I got when I looked at it. Also the nights that I did go out with my friends that summer, which was almost every night, something told me that whatever was in my room didn’t like it when I left. I never saw someone or any form of a ghost it was just slamming of doors my window opening. Feelings of anxiousness, fear, paranoia and feeling watched.

It is now October 10th, 2012. It’s been 2 years and nothing has happened I’m away at college, now, no longer at the community college. But I just want to know WHY I was haunted for 6 months? And why whatever was there just came out of nowhere and then just left? I never told my parents or siblings. Just 2 close friends and they just said I was crazy. Since it is October I thought I’d post this to see what people had to say because I’m clueless as to what the heck went on for those 6 months…


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