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Howling Ghost

Not too long ago from writing this story I had a major incident that inspired me to record it. Now in the other incident in my old house in Virginia, I mentioned I’ve never felt anything that would make me believe there’s a ghost in my house in my new house up in Massachusetts, but that changed however.

Now let me start with the little stuff, stuff I just ignored. I moved into my house going on five years starting 2008. When I am alone and a dark room is nearby, I always feel a strong malevolent presence radiating from it. It feels like I’m being stared at. This presence gets EXTREMELY strong if I am not near a light, so strong that it makes me want to scream if I stay in it long. I experienced that when I went downstairs during the night for a drink and didn’t turn on the foyer light because it shines up the stairs and might bother my family.

Sometimes randomly at night, my dogs get very upset and go crazy, these dogs are all bark but they bark at most unnatural disturbances. They will not bark if one of the family goes down even in pitch black. They won’t bark if our cat wakes them up. They can literally tell if its something normally in the house causing it.

One night I heard what sounded like the middle of a wolf’s howl while in the bathroom, and if you really need to know, I was getting a tissue. But back to the point at hand. It was like a continuous middle of a wolf’s howl. Now I stood there listening to that for a minute, and then went back to my room, the sound faded to almost nothing, but here’s where it scared the living heck out of me, the sound got louder again.

Now at this point I was freaked out, so I went back in the bathroom, and it quieted down to almost nothing again. But once again after a minute or so, it got louder. At this point I had had enough so I turned up my headphones to block out the noise. The feelings of malevolence have been a bit stronger during the night afterwords, and I have been frightened away from going downstairs during the night which never previously happened, it’s mostly because I know I won’t be able to handle it, you could think of it as I feel like I used to except always in pitch black normally. And I don’t want to find out what the presence feels like in pitch black.

The only other incident is one night my sister’s printer starting making very strange noises all on its own, computer was off. My sister wasn’t even in the house she was at a camp. But the printer was making some really odd noises, it did the noise every 30 seconds or so around that, at first I thought someone was in the hall because it sounded like a door. But after the 20th door or so, I finally got sick of it and checked to see who was out there only to discover it was a printer, I cannot answer why the printer did what it did, it hasn’t done it since and works fine for the record. And is fairly new.


Story by Ciel

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