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Bodyless Head

This incident happened when I was about 12 years old and it was nearly All Saints Day. I was really excited because my uncle and aunt and cousins from the province were coming to Manila to visit us. They had hired a passenger jeep to ferry them all to our house in Masankay, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

But it was a long, five-hour drive from Pangasinan to Manila and they left in the afternoon. That meant they would be arriving at around 12 midnight or 1 in the morning. It was already past 11 in the evening and the October night was really really cold. Pretty soon I got tired of waiting for my relatives and went up to the room I shared with my sister. My sister was about 18 or 19 then.

To pass the time, I got out some books, intending to read until my relatives got to our house. I was too excited to sleep because I was very eager to see my aunt and uncle. It had been a while since I saw them. I was so excited that each vehicle that passed our house would instantly lure me to the window for a peep.

After a while though, my adrenaline rush wore off and I began to feel tired. I grew sleepy, so I decided to just finish reading my book. While I was reading on the bed I shared with my older sister, I saw a shadow cross the page of the book. Someone was peeking through our window!

I looked up and peered at our window. I couldn’t see clearly because of the curtains that covered the window. Curious to see what it was, I slowly stood up and went near the window to check it out. When I recognized what it was I was seeing I froze in my tracks. Then I let out a loud scream!


I saw the head of a man wearing a pair of black-rimmed eyeglasses. The thing was, it was not connected to a body! His eyes, they were red and they looked like they were gonna pop out of their sockets. His hair was bedraggled and scraggly, and HE WAS STARING RIGHT AT ME!!!

Then in an instant, it was gone! My sister woke up because I was sceaming my head off. She saw me by the window. I was trembling like mad and I was white as a sheet! My hands were clammy and when she tapped me on the shoulder I clung to her arm like it was a lifesaver.

My mom and dad rushed up the stairs to find out what was happening. I tried explaining what I saw but couldn’t get past “there’s a head, there’s a head!” Finally I just broke down and cried. My sister gave me a glass of water to calm me down.

Quite comforted by the presence of my family, I began to narrate what really happened. I told them that I saw a man’s head peeking into the room from the window. Our room was on the second floor. My father was quick to dismiss my story. He said I was probably dreaming or maybe it was just a cat. But, how could a cat float on air? My mom said she believed me and told me to go to bed. She hugged me until I fell asleep. My relatives finally arrived while I was asleep.

The following day, at the breakfast table everyone asked how I was. After eating, my mom said she told our neighbors about my experience the previous night and this is what they told her: Several years ago, a drunken man and his buddy had a heated argument over some financial matter. The younger one, a heavyset man in his early 20s, left the drinking session. The older one, a skinny man in his late 30s, was too drunk he was almost rolling on the floor. He didn’t notice the other man leaving but continued to laugh raucously and rile the younger man.

When the younger man came back to the drinking session, but this time he was wielding a butcher’s knife. He attacked his drinking buddy and laid down the latter’s head on the pavement near our house. He drew the butcher’s knife and chopped off the head of the old man! Since no one was there to witness the crime, he managed to get off scot-free.

Since then, strange things had been happening and people passing the area at midnight would feel their hairs rising on the back of their necks and feel ice-cold air blasting at them. My mother said it was probably the head of the man who got decapitated that I saw. As time passed, the horror of that night faded in my mind and soon enough I forgot all about the incident. Except every October, when an ice cold wind would brush my skin.

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