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The Old Man

This incident happened a few years back in Malaysia and was experienced by my cousin. I personally did not experience it but I was there when it happened. All names have been changed for privacy..

It was a weekend once again. I think it was a Friday night. My cousin W, a friend C and I had planned to go out that night. We waited for C to arrive at our place before setting out in W’s car. That night W did not feel like driving so I took the wheel. Our first stop was to Y’s (a female) house to pick up two other female friends. This was were something strange happened.

Y’s house was a double storey, semi detached brick house located in the Petaling Jaya town in the state of Selangor. It certainly is not creepy like those haunted houses. It was in fact, just like any ordinary middle-class homes.

We arrived around 9.00 pm that night. I parked the car opposite the house on a grassy path. From where I was sitting, I could see inside the house quite clearly. The living room was lighted but the porch was dark. W approached the front gate and started calling.

Seeing that W took such a long time to call, C alighted and went straight to the gate to call loudly. “Are you crazy? Can’t you see that an old man is sitting in the living room?”, remarked W. “I don’t see any old man”, C replied. While C and W were debating on the issue, the other two female friends were already out of the house.

In the car, W asked one of the female friend if there was an old man sitting in the living room but she said that the living room was empty. Thinking that it was because he was not used to his new contact lenses, W did not think much about it. We went on as usual.

Then Monday came and it was school as usual. During the morning assembly, Y came running to W and she was almost in tears when she told W what had happened on the day before – Sunday. It so happened that that Sunday, Y and her boyfriend had gone to Genting Highlands (a recreational resort in the hills of the state of Pahang) and when they returned that night, Y had a chilling experience. She said that from her rear view mirror, she saw an old man sitting in the backseat and was smiling at her and that was not all – The description of the old man in which she saw was identical to the one seen by W!

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