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Hantu means ‘ghost’ in Malaysian language, just for the knowledge. Anyway, here’s a story that happened to me a few years back, when I was just in primary school. I don’t take it that seriously, but i do believe in ghosts but still, it doesn’t really bother me that much.

I was walking with my best friend, Cass on our way home from school that evening. We were schooling in Ampang and we were on our way to Ampang Indah, which is where we live. It was a little after 7 pm, but we weren’t bothered since we both loved walking home.

Before the road that leads to our neighborhood there is a small shortcut through a bit of weeds and bushes leading straight to the back of our houses. We seldom took that path, since it gave half the kids in our neighborhood the creeps.

Well, Cass decided it was a bit late to take the original path and anyway we were both tired, so we walked through the shortcut with no further arguments. I was a bit freaked out, but hey, my mother in a bad mood was much worse than a stroll through a spooky path. It only took 3 minutes to get through it, anyway.

Well, I was walking through the path,carrying my heavy back pack when Cass whispered “hurry up..its 7.15 already”. I noticed she was nervous but i wasn’t sure why until she held my hands and started running. Her hands were wet and clammy and when I tried talking to her she hissed “shut up n run!” and at that moment I knew something was wrong and sprinted.

We finally reached the back of MY house and Cass sheepishly asked me to walk her home. Well, as I walked her to her front gate Cass said, “Man, I was so scared just now I almost peed in my uniform.” “what happened?” Cass replied, “Didn’t you see what was sitting on top of that mango tree we were walking by? I was sure you noticed it”. I shaked my head and Cass whispered right before she went through her front door that it was a white monkey. I laughed and Cass sternly told me not to take it as a joke . “You have never seen a white monkey before, huh? Especially not one who just sits there staring at you!” That remark caused me to panic and I was thankful that we were both in the scouts and Cass was wise enough to shut her mouth when she saw the monkey. It is believed that when you show a paranormal creature that you are scared, then it will chase you and try to scare you even more.

After saying goodbye, I raced home and since then, lots of other strange things happened when we walk along that path, but most of us kids just ignore whatever living there since this earth isn’t ours to own to ourselves.

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