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Philippines Ghost Stories

I some encounters that I want to share with you readers. Some are not my own encounters, some are mine ( considering my third eye’s opened when I was in my elementary years. Now, I don’t know how it closed but it’s staring to open again.) Here goes :


This is my own encounter.When I was just a fourth grader in an all girls school run by nuns. Our school is considered to be the oldest school for girls in the Philippines, which was founded in 1632. Let’s cut the chase, shall we ?

We were rehearsing for our play at the school auditorium at about 7:00 pm and then suddenly, the lights went out. Considering we were all girls, most of us screamed our brains out. But me and two of my friends kept silent because we saw a figure at the balcony. It seemed like a man in black suit. I cannot see his face, though, but I felt like he was looking towards us. Then, when we told it to our teacher and we pointed to the balcony, the figure was gone….

When we were dismissed, I remembered I forgot my Coleman jug in our classroom. So, I have to go back and get it.

It was spooky. There were no lights. I stepped into the room, and suddenly I felt a shiver run down my spine. I saw a mist across the room and I hurried downstairs.


Still when I was in the fourth grade. I was sitting on a couch in the library, near the entrance door. When you look straight ahead you will see the sixth grade classroom. My head was aching then, I was looking at the classroom and then I saw someone walk into the room, where the students were busy listening to the teacher. I thought why didn’t the students or the teacher noticed the girl. She just stood there motionless.She was wearing our school uniform, though. I turned my back a second and when I looked back again, she was gone….


This was my teacher’s encounter. She was staying at a dorm in our school. When one night,she was washing her clothes. She heard the water running from the other bathroom. She thought that it was her co-teacher. She kept calling out her name but no one answered. She stepped on the bowl and found out no one was there. The water was just running. She hurried to her room, and when she looked downstairs she saw a nun, not just any ordinary nun. Do you know the flying nun, where their veils were like wings ?

Actually, the nun made it into a literal meaning. She was floating on thin air.


This was my brother’s encounter. He was with my cousins and uncle in Pangasinan ( a province here in the Phils). He was so exhausted with the trip that he decided to take a nap. After napping, he felt that someone was watching him, he opened his eyes and there before him was an old lady dressed in white staring at him. The old lady vanished as soon as my brother screamed for help.


My current teacher in English has her third eye open.

She saw a an old woman in black in our comfort room,near the water dam. She also saw a girl who was crying in the Veranda when we had our retreat. She said that there are spirits in our laboratory especially the Physics lab.

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