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My Paranormal Experiences

I’m from Malaysia, I stay in Penang island, mind my English and spelling- before independent day-this country is under British colonies-this happened when I was only 5yrs old, and already in nursery /kindy, I have encounter my first paranormal experience, it was school holiday, once school holidays, my parent will send me and my elder sister to relative or my grandparent place to stay for our school holidays, start from my relative place, this place I accouter is happen in Simpang Empat,Penang (in main land).

On that night (can’t remember the date), I was sent to bed on the second floor around bedtime along, since I’m the younger of them all, and the arrangement of my sleeping area, I can see staircase direct from my left view. I was well awake looking on the ceiling, all the sudden I hear HM!!…I turn around look direct from the staircase, all I see a man was standing from the top of staircase wearing Scottish traditional custom holding bagpipes looking at me. I can’t see his face, it blur. On my first glance, I know he is not human, I was in dilemma, I can’t run to the staircase because it the only exit I can go down and up. I scream like nobody business till my aunt comes to get me. Never go back to my aunt place to past my school holidays anymore!!!

When I was age 9 or 10, I have encounter one more at the Kek Lok Si Temple-Penang, when I went for my morning excises to Ayer Itam Damm on the weekend with my school mate who are elder then me 5-6 yrs of age including my sister. We are using staircase, instead using the hilly road to Damm which is link to Kek Lok Si temple and to Ayer Itam Damm, on our half way up, all of sudden we saw 6 to 7 street dogâ?Ts surrounded us and start howling at our direction, what we afraid of is the dogs will attach us, since we are the only human been in this hour? (around 6am in the morning). The biz time at Kek Lok See will be around 9am onwards, where the entire store will start daily business of the day. just imaging we have to Q behind each other to past all the dogâ?Ts, even though we have past them, they still at the same sport howling the same area, Needed to say, all of us ran all the way up to the hilly road where we meet up with other joggers.

Till I grow-up age around 24/25yrs of age, this is my 3rd accouter, my night life/party night, you can say that, in a week, I will be out partying 3-4 night?Ts. We Chinese believed whenever come home late night, we need to wash our foot before enter our bedroom (meaning-the lost soul will follow our footstep to enter the house till were is the first stop), Will I never follow this rules, since my bedroom come first than only bathroom/kitchen (like prewar house-stayed in-between Julotong and Sungai Pinang)?¦bare in mind, my parent house have six bedroom, all the room did not attach with bathroom, you need to walk all the way to the back where is the dining then kitchen and bathroom are join and our toilet is out of the house-we do have adjoins door to toilet., we need to walk out of the house to reach the toilet. Which is next to our house? After my night out, I reach home around 3 or 4am in the morning, as usual, go strait to my room, removed make-up and change than go bathroom to double cleansing back to room to sleep.

About five minutes I fell my bed is shaking like an earthquake and I fell like somebody jump out from my bed follow like swing of lullaby, I just ignore it, because I’m a bit drunk and tired, but still aware of my surroundings, it happen again every alternate day I’m out , same old thing happen, already starting getting panic. Than come Friday, this time is difference, I fall a sleep, some old thing I accouter, earthquake, somebody jump form my bed and the lullaby that when I fully awake, I saw a Chinese lady wearing a cheongsam/or Vietnamese custom, with pant and the material is flowery, base is orangey red and the pant is fully orangey red smiling at me (my room is not dark- my is next to my parent room, my mum has the habit to on light when she sleep by using the bulb volt of 15), thank god, what I saw is a very beautiful Chinese lady with long back hair, slim and tall with very nice figure, instead a ugly one, I sure .. Died of HEAD ATTACT., (p/s: Which to have her look anyway), she is nature beauty.

She was smiling looking at me for a few second than she walks through my bedroom door, FYI… I did not followed, I was stunted, just imaging, a human form walk through the door without open it… laying on my bed well awake till morning, when I hear my dad awake than only I fall a sleep (Save to sleep) thank goodness, I donâ?Tt have to work on Saturday.. On the same night Saturday, out as usual, home as usual, in the morning vee hours, same thing bedroom first than bathroom than bedroom, fall asleep, around 10/15 minutes, same thing happen, the same lady smiling looking at me again, this time Iâ?Tm the one asking her quotation, what she want and why is she in my room I even told her she is not human and know who she is, no answer, just a beautiful smile at me wearing the some cloth I seeing yesterday morning, she just walk out thru the door where by I followed, open the door I saw her turn to dining room, I turn to where my mum put her praying god statues in the living room (Iâ?Tm Baddish), take the god statue ran toward to dining area and she was no where to be seen. That the times I start get scaret.

I can’t believe I can be brave at this moment!!! From that on, start washing my foot before enter my bedroom, so far nothing had happen. Dare not told my parent about this till one day my sister saw a guy on his back wearing white with only half of his torso, from his waist down is invisible at the kitchen so my mum consult a medium, what he told my mum is the lady I saw, she died long time ago and she was burrier under the ground below the toilet plus he remind us always locked the door unless we ready need to used that area. The man my sister saw is the â?odatuk kongâ in Malay language -which mean is the guardian of the area or for Christianity call angel. Anyway this area has been developing into costal high way now…

After marriage, moved to Paya Terubong area. Till recently, canâ?Tt remember the date, I know is the season of Olympics in Beijing, on that day , I was so stress from working, Husband nagging & sonâ?Ts arguing, I just walk out from the apartment before I lost control of my temple, went downstairs setting on the basement car park for an hour or so and rooming at the garden where the management have a man make lake, Iâ?Tm all along, since is late at night already,sundenlly I hear a lot of people talking which is I donâ?Tt understand a single wordâ?Ts they say. Needed to say, I leave the garden ASAP, never look back.

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