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A Ghost Contacted Me

One weekend I was staying at my friend, D’s, place. He and his roommate, R, had only been living there for a few weeks and found the second bedroom a bit creepy. During nights they used to hear footsteps in the hall and in the bathroom the tap would turn on and off.

On the first night i was there, D was holding a party. I couldn’t sense a presence at first, as I had been drinking alcohol and it affects my abilities but some people had sworn that they had seen reflections in the bathroom mirror of an Asian man and that the second bedroom was creepy. That night, I slept in that room with a friend but felt nothing.

The next day, we all went out for lunch, except for my sister, G, who decided to catch up on some sleep. She slept in the second bedroom and when we came back about 2 hours later, i found her curled up in a ball on the bed shaking.

She had not had any sleep while we had been gone as she could sense a presence (both me and my sister can contact spirits, it’s in the family). She was frozen in the bed and couldn’t even move to get her phone to call me for help. That night i decided to sleep in the room alone.

I had trouble getting to sleep as i could feel the ghost in the room. I eventually fell asleep but woke up at around 2 am. It was quite warm in the room but all of a sudden it got freezing cold and even the blankets couldn’t warm my body up. I stayed frozen for about 2 hours, during which the spirit was sending me images. I kept seeing a hooding figure, a bathtub and a knife. I was in such a state that I was shaking uncontrollably and when i could jump out of the bed, I ran into D’s bed and woke him up. My sister and her boyfriend were also in the room.

As I crawled into his bed, my sister knew exactly what had happened and asked “Did you see him?” I replied “no” because I hadn’t seen the actual ghost yet, just his images he had been sending me. After about 10 mins, I looked at the foot of the bed and saw him standing there. He was a short Asian man, middle aged and seemed quite warm and friendly. I had not told my sister that I had seen him yet but she turned to me and said “Can you see what I see?” i replied “yes, what does he look like to you?” she said “A small Asian man…you take this one Adrii, i’m tired.” My sister doesn’t like talking to ghosts…she’s quite sensitive.

I tried sending him away by saying “not tonight, I’m tired…” but D wanted to hear some answers about why this ghost was interrupting the household so frequently. I gave in and started asking questions. At first i didn’t get answers, just more images.

The images I kept seeing were the ones i saw in the bedroom, but there were more…i saw one of his little daughter, aged about 5 and every time I saw the bathtub the ghost would pat his head and my ears would fill up with pressure, like it does when you are in water. I relayed all of this to D and he still wanted me to ask questions to the ghost.

I found out the ghosts’ name (Hotchi…that might be the wrong spelling, as he is Vietnamese, but that’s how you say it) and he had some random messages to give to D about the house. I was talking to this ghost for around an hour…it might have been longer… I found out that he wants to know where his daughter is and from what i could gather, he drowned in the bathtub…as a little request, he told me to tell D to put the Vietnamese newspaper in his room as he used to like reading it.

The next day, I went home and got a call from D saying “Hotchi is running the taps again.” I told him to get the paper as soon as he could.

The next time i went over there, D had put the newspaper in the room and no longer heard footsteps in the hall. Hotchi is still there, but he is more content and still wants to find out about his daughter. Problem is, i don’t know where to start…If anyone could help, that would be great.

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