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My House

My father bought a house back in 1990. I have no idea about any previous owners or exactly how old the house is, but I’m not sure that it’s the house that is haunted, I think its the whole neighborhood. The scary poo poo only seems to happen when there is an argument or somebody disturbs the peace in the area.

All the bedrooms in the house we bought are upstairs. My brother had the bedroom next to the stairs, and my parents and I had the rooms on the other side of a small walkway with a bench. At night you could hear footsteps go down the stairs sometimes, which nobody found too odd at first because there is a bathroom at the bottom of the stairs that my brother would use regularly. One night, though, my mother and I were awake at the bench next to the stairs(the “honey your father and I are going to separate speech was happening)when we heard steps go down the stairs. When we look over the bench we see a shadow walking down the stairs. No actual form to it. WTF commences. The next night my mother and brother witness this as well. This is loving GREAT… a loving ghost has decided it likes doing stair master exercises in our loving house…

A couple months later I woke up in my bed scared nearly to death, for no reason that I could tell. Until I look across the room and see a person wearing overalls with long matted hair hanging from the banister that goes across the top of my room. I don’t remember screaming, but apparently I did because next thing I know my brother and mother are in the room. In the movies this is where the ghost disappears leaving me looking like a dumbass; not so in real life. The ghost continues to swing back and forth for a good 30 seconds. I spent the rest of the week sleeping(or trying) in my parents room before I was convinced the coast was clear.

After that poo poo started happening all over the house. The lights would turn themselves on randomly in various parts of the house, you could hear people running upstairs when you were downstairs while nobody was up there, and our cats would only go upstairs if you picked them up and brought them up, then they would claw you and run back down. During the whole first year of living there I would have recurring nightmares of a party going on downstairs, and when I turned around there was a person walking out the door laughing, then when I turned back to the party everybody was on the floor dead.

Across the street at my friend Charlie’s house poo poo would regularly happen too. There was an attic upstairs that was accessed through a ironing board which folded down from the wall. When Charlie, his older brother, me, and my older brother decided to go into the attic we had to pry rusted nails out of the ironing board to force it open. Inside we found just a bunch of stuff you could expect to find in any attic, boxes, a couple mattresses, a table, and some sheets. It was all at the far end of the room which also had a old dusty window that looked out into the neighborhood. After exploring some we decided it was just a bunch of crap and went downstairs to play some Contra. When we went back to take the stuff out of the attic everything was piled up against the entrance. We finally pushed and pulled stuff out until we got back into the attic. There were footprints all over the floor where the stuff had been. gently caress that place, we nailed it shut again. Two days later his dog disappeared. We found it starved to death in the attic when the smell finally started showing up. The nails we had put in the ironing board were still there. gently caress all that poo poo, Silent Bob.

I still go up to the house every once in awhile to visit the old man, and that thing still walks down the steps every couple of nights.

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