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Haunted Jurong Island

In 1987-88, I worked for a large corporation in Jurong Island. My office was near to the shore and located on the edge of island and it was a new building back then. I was, at various times, the morning guy, afternoon, evening, and late night shift guy. I was also the Chief Engineer because I was the only person that knew how my some things are run as a lot of the engineers quitted after a while. I was the longest serving then. The building was in two sections; a new two story section where the clean room, store room, process room and other offices, and all that stuff lived, and a squat, one story section where the old buildings were. It was essentially abandoned. No lights, no furniture.

Anyways, one evening I was alone at the old building, looking around for some stuff as instructed the GM (General Manager) earlier in the day and generally wanted to be out of my office for some breath air. While I was inside, I heard someone walking up the stairs. This was odd, since it was about 10:30 at night, and the only person supposed to be there was me. I went to the front and checked for vehicles, but mine was the only one there. I called up the stairs, but no one answered. I went up the stairs, but just as I got almost to the top, I caught a severe case of the (willies, heebie-jeebies, severe pussying out syndrome), and ran back to my office. My office was playing some songs and it was finished, so I went to the disc player and replay it and sat on my chair. Then I heard the tromp-tromp-tromp of someone coming back down the stairs. Then I heard tromp-tromp-tromp that person coming up the hall towards the booth. I reached around and grabbed a mop handle. As I sat there, the tromp-tromping came through the door, up beside me, around behind me, and out through the door to the store room. I followed this with my head and eyes, and no one was attached to the tromp-tromp-tromp. Well, as you can imagine, I squealed like a little girl. After this, the spook would come tromping around my office whenever I’m working late night, but only when I was alone. He’d sometimes stand right in front of the mixing board and watch me do my show. Finally, I looked up one time and said, “Ok, if you’re going to hang around, at least let me see you.” Well, that was a mistake. The room became unbearably cold, and the air in front of me began to warp like a heat mirage. I squealed again and hollared, “Nevermind! No NO no no! Just go away!!!” The spook tromped off back to the old part of the building.

Later that week, I went to my GM and tell him to move me to an earlier time slot. Everything worked out well, and I moved to the shift before the one late at night. I trained the new engineer and let him run the shift by himself for a couple or three weeks. Of course, I never told him about the spook. After letting him alone, I stayed after my shift to chitty-chat with him about his shift. As we talked, I asked him if anything strange happened during his shift and he replied, “Oh yeah, there’s a spirit that comes around at night”. I almost shit my pants right there. This kid was a bit insanely religious, and kept calling this spook a demon. While we were talking, the spook tromp-tromp-tromped up the hall into the production room and was looking over my shoulder through the glass. The room got chilly, and I was not happy about it. The kid said, “Just rebuke him in Jesus’ name.” Well, I’d never thought to do that, so I turned around, looked at the window and said, “Jesus says to get the fuck outta here.” The spook tromped back to the old section and left us alone for the night.

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