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Terrible Nightmare

In terms of nightmares, I’m sure everyone have their fair share. I don’t know why, but i have a feeling mine are getting scarier.

Just recently i had a scare of my life. I had problem falling asleep during the holidays. Therefore, its 6am and i’m still on my bed tossing here and there. I heard the faint click of someone opening my door and i’ve guessed it was my dad checking on me before he go on to wash up and prepare for work. Thinking that my parent’s room has a stronger air con and it’ll be easier to fall asleep, i made my way to my parent’s room.

I fell asleep.

Except i didn’t know i fell asleep cause i dreamt of myself in my parents room (which i am!) and i was hugging my bolster and facing the cupboard. It felt like i’ve been disturbed and i opened my eyes slightly. Out of the sudden, a pair of hands shot up from beside the bed. Two very thin brown hands. What scared me was that one of them, is holding a dagger.

I jumped and jolted awoke and once again when i thought i have woke up, a pair of hands shot up from beside the bed. Again. This repeated for 3 times. Next, i turned away and lay on my back. Out of the sudden, something jumped on me from above me and pushed the dagger through my chest. I jolted and i woke up on my back. Again, something jumped on me from above me and pushed the dagger through my chest. I struggled and tried yelling for my mum. But again, it felt like i was so terrified that no noise came out from my mouth. It repeated itself once more and this time i managed to run out of my house and i saw my mum burning some incense paper.

I was relived but something didn’t felt right. The sky darken and the stray cats started walking towards me snarling. I ran. Suddenly, i woke up from my bed and somehow i started running, upstairs. And I kept running pass this 3 person or thing but they look like a blur to me. but i know i’m terrified of them.

I ran all the way to the roof. And i jumped. Yeah, i committed suicide.

Yet right before i touch the ground, i woke up from the bed and ran again. I can’t remmeber it repeated for how many times but when i turn to lay on my back again, i woke up. This time i really did woke up.

But my whole body is aching and my heart is pounding real hard. I told my mum i’ll never sleep in her room ever again.

I seriously hated repeating dreams. So far this is my second. But the degree of terror has worsen dramatically. It’s so horrible. Much worse than normal nightmares. Repeating nightmare felt like you’re unable to wake up. It made you feel safe and throw the terror at you again. Geesh, it was intense.

Than again, i remebered something. There’s a period of time when i was having all this scary dreams of ghosts and spirits and seeing things so my mum gave me a amulet to put beside my bed when i sleep. The dreams stopped and my life went back to normal. the amulet is still beside me every night but i wonder if there’s a connection.

The morning when i went to my parent’s room to sleep, i didn’t bring the amulet along.

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