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I Was Possessed

I studied all my life in Tampines from Primary to Tertiary. This happened when I was in Secondary 3 and it dragged into Secondary 4.

Usually after school, I will hangout with my close friends and sometimes visiting the nearby kopitiams to eat together and chat. Once, I took this road that leads to my old house at Tampines 400+ and was chatting happily with my friends. Accidentally, I think I stepped onto someone’s offerings and walked away unknowingly. I did not know till much later when all the events start.

I lived peacefully for about half a year. After that from the December onwards, my hell started. I started losing weight tremendously (21kg in 2 months). I had some very skin problems that does not resemble my normal eczema. I could not sleep during mid nights and would suffer insomnia. I will have to watch vcds till very late to tire myself out before I can sleep. Or sometimes throughout the night, I cannot sleep.

The real thing came on the following year’s Chinese New Year Eve. For protection purpose, my mum gave me this ??/?? necklace that was said to be able to ward against evil given by her friend. I obediently wore it and this triggered the warning alarm.

Immediately, I had dried skin and rashes on my neck. It was only a line. I took it off after wearing it say less than 20 minutes. I was complaining to my mum saying the string caused rashes to me. Not knowing this actually saved me somehow.

The following day, the rashes had spread to my whole neck and the skin starts to harden up and I cannot turn my neck. After a few days, it spread to the whole body. There was a huge crack at my neck that was very painful when I move my neck or bath. Everyday, I feel like crying. When I sweep the floor of my house, it is filled with all my dried skin scalps that drop of my body. It was as though a snake shedding its skin bit by bit. I could not go to school and when I went to the doctor. They could not find anything wrong with me but diagnosed me with psoriasis (a kind of skin disease that causes skin aging to shorten by 7 times the norm causing red patches and extreme itch).

Basically, I looked like a monster on the road. Even my mum felt like crying when people cast shunning looks at me. I pretended to look ok, but I was not. Sincerely speaking, it did not feel anything good looking like a monster. I could not sweat, move normally, keep shedding skin like snakes, look like a monster on prowl, could not go to school etc… I was seriously tormented physically and emotionally. Cause this kind of torture is not something that all people would understand. Then to not further upset my parents, I had to put up a brave front. It is something which I would cry when I think of it.

So one day after my treatment, my mum brought me to ?????? to seek guidance on when can I recover. The shocking part is that the day was such a hot day and yet I could not sweat. But when I stepped into the temple, I sweated like nobody’s business and it sort of soften portion of my skin and allowed me to feel slightly better.

My mum seeked a lot on my illness and Bodhisattva guided that I will eventually recover with no big issue. After this temple visit, my mum sensed something wrong and brought me to Geylang area to seek help from Dua Li Yah Pek ???? (which was said to be very ?). The tang ki saw me and immediately asked my mum in dialect did I offend any spirits or stepped on any offerings without offering apologies.

I was not well versed in dialect so my mum had to be my translator. Then I suddenly remembered once which I stepped on something outside the offering area and hesitated whether to say sorry or not. Obviously, I decided not in the end. Dua Ya Pek then said that the spirit is angry and wants to make me ugly. I have to go make offerings around the area and leave after that not crossing from the front and do not turn back.

After that, my parents brought me there on that weekend to make offering. Miraculously, after that I was well and running like before.

This was one of my more serious ghostly cum godly experience. I sincerely thank Bodhisattva and Dua Li Ya Pek to help me on my issue. From then on, anything I cannot solve on my own I will seek Buddha and Deities’ guidance.

Haha Storm_Pyro, this was the story that you was asking about in the other thread. Hope you get to understand now haha…

To add on, all these attacks during Chinese New Year on the following year took place in about 2 weeks. But it seemed like years to me back then.

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