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All of the Lights Were Off

One day I was getting up for school. I had to wake my sister up. So she got up. Me and she sat down to talk. She ate breakfast then she told me that she had to leave so I said ok. When she left nobody was home except for me. My mom was at work so was my dad. My brother has been gone the whole week and was not coming back yet. Besides the door was locked after my sister left. So nobody could get in.

All of the lights in my house were on. When I went to the bathroom they were still on. I was in there for about 10 minutes. I came out and all of the lights were off. Nobody was home to do that. So I purposely turned on the lights and went back in to the bathroom for about 10 minutes. I came back out and the lights were off. I was really scared at that point. I sat down to think. I thought maybe my dad came home and used his key to get in. So I called my mom. Told her what was going on. She called my dad’s work and he said he never came home. So I was freaking out by that point. I did it one more time and the lights were off again.

So I sat down and played the game system to forget about what was going on. I was so scared I did not even leave my living room. A few minutes later a lock that was on my shelf in the kitchen came flying in to the living room and hit my game system so hard it moved it.

Finally my mom was done with work and I told her what happened. I was so scared I could barely talk.

Story by brittany

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